Thursday, August 27, 2009

Page one from designing with recipes:)

i would post a picture of the actual page from the book with the scrap-lift but i am sure the copy-right police would be after me! LOL
the original page was by kelli crowe.
i used the same circle technique cutting then with my cricut......FUN FUN FUN! instead of going the totally cool yet time consuming twine thing that she she did, i used thin HS tape to tie in the orange.
i could do a one pager, since i have a bunch of random 5x7's....but man is it hard. all the unused space. EEEKKKKKKKKK.

page 8
and this was a fast page using the same papers .
man, does this feel like forever ago.
first page i have done of my mami since she passed away.
page 9

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