Friday, August 21, 2009

New Album Storage.

oh BOY...where do i begin?
ok. so my house it SMALL. we have a teeny tiny townhouse in the staten island suburbs. we hardly fit:)
so, the albums need a MAJOR over haul.
i decided to condense all my 8.5x11 albums into one yearly system. since i use binders i can move stuff around if need be.
my theme office binders will stay the same.
here's some visuals. 

pages EVERWHERE.......arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
i used different color thickers for the years. there's a LOT of pages that i need to get out in. these binders will be in the cabinets downstairs. i believe i still have about 10 to go. ACK. the pages were arranged by the girls, but now it will be everything that does not go into a theme book.
my theme albums. i have my travel pages, vacation pages, and other themes. 

i have some many pages it is so not funny. 

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