Saturday, July 31, 2010

always catching up:)

for my shutterfly album.
paper and elements from joyce paul designs
template by jaclynbernardodesign @funkyplayground
i love the colors.

school pages

template by bella gypsy
paper and elelments from melissa esplin @ designhousedigitals

first mini FINISHED!

i finally finished my has about 100 pictures in it.

i printed out some journal cards from cathy z. @designerdigitals on kraft cardstock.

and a few little dividers with minimal embellishments and this puppy is done. i think i am going to make three more for my things, people and us:)

i think these came out way cool.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

ohh man...where did i?...

get this quickpage? i am sososososo BAD at keeping track of stuff.


this is my life right now.
template by simplescrapper
paper from joyce paul designs
brush by michelle coleman
title from jady day designs
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a quick trip to the "outside world"

it was a little weird with the crutches and i had togo sssoooooooooooosloooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww, but i made it and read every single wedding, scrapping and all other craftiness.i need a n=book on how to sew for imbeciles (that would be me)

the girls dissapeared as soon as we got there......
and off i went to look
we had a very interesting conversation on who should be aquaman in he next movie. and all kinds of pop culturey things. i dig my kids:)

8x8 catchup pages.

some catch up pages with misc. stuff i had on my desk.

8x8 pages catch up:) YAY!

right now i have a bunch of 8x8 and 6x6 papers on my desk. it is getting used up BIG time:)

a 4x6 mini book.

i was so inspired by elise's books that i am making a bunch of 4x6 travel pics into a mini-album. got a bunch of binder rings in staples today so i will be doing a bunch of these to catch up.

will be adding a few embellishments and lots of journaling cards. which reminds me i need to get black ink. darn....i just went to staples.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

more scrapping:)

i wanted to remember the space i created for myself when i had my cast...
notice how i am writing in the past tense.
wishful thinking.
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summerscraping...had me a blast. i watched grease with the girls. shoot me.
there is a massive shrtage of things to do during the summer that do not involve the outdoors you know.
and just to give you a little peek into the hell-hole that has become my life, i give you this masterpiece of digital scrapbooking:

revolutionary design, i know:)
at least it is done and documented, kwim?
please excuse the dirty, gross, yucky foot. i have since purchased a box of baby wipes and am using them.
elements and papers from daniell corbitt
template from the missing files
ruled paper from designerdigitals.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

grid layouts RULE

this template is from ybdesigns @scrapmatters
paper and elements from designer digitals,com

my halloween album:)

i was totally inspired by elise blaha-cripe's halloween album for this halloween:)...that and the fact that i can't move and am so bored i could literally chew my leg cast off.
every morning i get up, do my morning rituals with the help of my husband and then sit in the living room for most of the day.
so i am reading, watching movies and scrapping to pass the time and not lose what's left of my brain cells.
the stash is going done and i used up a BUNCH of old stuff to make this not so mini album. maybe i even ran out of halloween stuff. there are enough printed pics to make  about 2-3 regular pages for the girls, but i am leaving those for later when i get some cool new halloween paper.
i tink it came out nice...i'll maybe even add some more pages later...but the bulk of the pics are done.
now i can scrap some digi stuff.

halloween part two

halloween part 3

halloween part 4

halloween album end