Friday, July 29, 2011

today page:) 7/29

this page is made with tiffany tillman's new freebie and the new karla dudley kit, familiarity.
just getting pictures done and it feels GOOD:)

summer freebie:#12: Peppermint Creative! after i spend just a little teeny tiny amount of $ on karla's new kit (which i immediately used), i went back to hunting for SUP ER high quality freebies.

check out the new free kit on peppermint creative here:
click here for COOL freebie!

and then tiffany tillman has a new freebie template and it is TWO PAGER. YAY!
tiffanyt's new template. CLICK IT!

these days i am ALL about the EASY and not the artistic.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

karla dudley made me do it.

the new karla dudley kit is beautiful.

today pages, again L7/28

sometimes you just want to get thru pages FASY FAST FAST.
digital makes it sooooo easy:)

today page:) 7/28

right now:
my allergies are killing me.
i am bone tired from yesterday's excursion
i just want to catch up:)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

today's page: 7/26 reflecting:)

i am using the SSD everyday kit for a collection of memories book.
i wanted to do a week in the life, but this is like the most BORING week ever since the dh has to work 2-10 shift.
hopefully usng the same kit will give the pages some cohesiveness. we will see:)

Monday, July 25, 2011

summer freebie #11 everyday page: 7/25 did anyone hear me squeeeeeeee with delight when i found this AWESOME freebie kit from sweetshoppedesigns at aliedward's blog?
it is actually meant to be used for the week in the life project, but i am totally ADD so i am not doing it.

but i am, as usual. scrapping the everyday:)

summer freebie # 10: 3 paper peonies:)

one of my lifestyle goals is (and has been for about 4 years) to minimize the way i scrap.
for many years my hobby was pretty much product driven. being on design teams and making pages for my mom's store dictated how and why i did make pages and layouts.
since then i purged(successfully) and have stuck to a plan.
the space in our home is very, very limited and in my old age i have found myself being more and more bothered with clutter. i REALLY like one photo pages, but it just takes up too much space...along with 12x12 albums.
SO, that has left me with 8.5x11 and smaller.
my digital pages are almost always printed as 8x8 and now as i am getting back into paper, i am limited to filling up the 8.5x11 binders that are already in place on my bookshelves.
so we get to the freebie part:)
follow the link and get to this really cool collage freebie from three paper peonies.
i modified it a little and added a brush from karla dudley for my title.
later on (after i finish de-cluttering) i'll print it out and make a nice little cohesive page with 10 pictures on it:)
nice and simple.
just how i like it!

the template out of the printer.

trimmed and with the edges sanded with a block.

journaling added on a piece of vellum and stapled on.

i also added a few photo corners and a little tab @ the top of the page.
and just like that a little more of the paper stash is used:)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

todays's scrap: 7/24

A few Sunday morning thoughts.

So again I am awake waaaaaayyyyyyy before everyone else in the family.
Here's a few thoughts I am having this morning.

1. I went to acmoores to get new markers fOr Zoe. I had an extra 50% coupon so i got a three pack of tomboy adhesive. Maybe for some paper scrapping. of right now I have 54 pages @persnickety to print. Thinking I will let them pile up to 1,000 cause I am broke.

3. The kids are way bored. G's shift keeps changing so it is impossible to make any plans to do anything. Ugh.

4. Wondering if I should try and read Clive barkers imajica. I need a big long book to help me sleep at nite.

5. Pool days are really tiring. Once I get out of the pool al I want to do is sleep. Maybe I should get in the pool at ten pm.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

today's pages: 7/23

...and i am still holding to my NO BUY SUMMER.
but some designers are making it mighty difficult.

yesterday's scrap:) 7/22

these are TRULY the last picture left to scrap from carlos and daynette's wedding in may 2009.
one of the most simple pages ever made and one of the most cherished:)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

freebie summer#8: USE what you have!

here is my #1 freebie summer tip for this season!
wow, that was original, huh?
let's recap the last few days in the macias household scrappage.
i went to michaels to get kraft cardstock because i ran out and for some reason i can NOT scrap without it.
....surprise of all surprises, that was all i got!
let me tell you, i was SOOOOO proud of myself.
then i made a quick run to costco to pickup a roll of film that had been in my 35 mm camera since 2009.
the fact that the roll even came out was so exciting that i could barely wait until i could get the chance to sit and scrap some paper.
so here is the product of this morning's work:

i have a showbox that has all my cardstock scraps in it.
i rummaged thru it and made this page with a collage template that was a freebie from paislee press.
lately i have been using up LOTS of letters.

another page that used up a bunch of stuff. last time i purged and organized i get all my chipboard pieces in one place. i knew that i wanted to add some pattern paper without covering up the large picture. taking a few circles and covering them with paper gave a bit of color and dimension without overwhelming the cool picture. i LOVE this one:)

super old paper is like crack sometimes:)
and little pieces of ribbon + staples:)

on this last page i wanted to make sure it was simple and uncluttered because the pictures are so AWESOME!
i matted the pictures on a piece of white cardstock and then cut the outside edges.
all i added was pattern paper, a letter sticker title and photo corners:)
and that is is for today:)
i hope that yo can use some of these tips:)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

mucho scrap:)

digging into my digi-stash to get pages done!!!