Saturday, July 2, 2011

getting my scrapping together for the summer:)

ok. so here is the story:)
after ordering 62 digital pages from persnickety prints (BEAUTIFUL work by the company BTW), i decided that i needed to have some type of structure to my scrapping.
i mean, seriously? it is pretty much out of control.
so i have decided to make myself a little schedule. a type of control mechanism if you will:)
get ready for the bullet points!
  • i am going thru my digital pictures with a fine tooth comb. only the best of the best make it onto my pages.
  • i am limiting myself to two digital pages per day. i have a folder where i place my powerscrap pages and then finish them later. ususally @ night when i can't paperscrap:)
  • speaking of paperscrapping...i am working on a 5.5x8.5 binder that i have had since the dawn of time. it is perfect for condensing all the fugly cm pages and i am proud to announce that i have made BIG progress.
  • trying to get printed pictures into albums is a top priority right now. i am scrapping exclusively out of my old stash, buying NO new product and making use of digital freebies.
i have been doing REALLY awesome the last couple of days.
let's see if i can continue:)))