Thursday, September 30, 2010

93: scrapping the paper today.

used up all this stuff in the morning.
i feel way better now.
slowly whittling down the pictures and the paper stash:)
scroll down to see two more posts with the results.

93: scrapping the paper.

scroll down to see the rest of my pages today:)

93: scrapping the paper.

these are the rest of my pages. loving the results today:)

93:Paper Scrapping.

this past year i have done a LOT of purging. the need to simplify my life was more powerful than my papercraving. this is what is left of my very, very large paper stash. about 4 inches worth.
when i say that i could scrap ALL my printed pictures with this stash i am not joking.
i will be doing it. pretty much all of my current pictures are scrapped. now it is all about going back into the pictures boxes and re-evaluating what i really want to achieve with my paper supplies.
what 4.5 inches of paper looks like. it is hard to imagine that at one point i had this amount of paper x10.
crazy, huh?
what my desk looks like today. getting ready for a flurry of paper scrappage. just waiting for the mojo to visit.

my shelf of 8.5x11 paper.
don't think i could ever go back to 12x12. plus i am digging the minibooks.
yup. i still like that part:)
listening to the paperclipping roundtable. interesting conversation about paper and digital.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

94: doing the hybrid.

sometimes i will download a freebie template and totally forget who made it.
totally my bad.
this page is one of those templates.

 this is the finished digital layout after i flattened the layers and saved it as a jpeg. it's cut, but there's a lot of white space. and i need to maximize every page i can:)

since i am sooooooo smart and i can't figure out how to print borderless on my epson printer, i just cut the edges off and back it with some cardstock. of course, i have no idea who makes that either:)

the digital kit is from amy wolfe and is included in the dailydigi files. have i mentioned how awesome  the daily digi is?
at this point in the scrapping game i am using as many paper things i can to squash the stash as much as possible. i am actually finding the whole process to be very freeing. just throwing stuff onto a big page can be a LOT of fun. i totally forgot that part:) plus i can use some glue. that's neat.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

95: doing the hybrid:)

i wanted to do something with paper today.
but i was not feeling well, so i put this little template together. it is part of of a collection by bella gypsy.
the paper and elements are from the candid collection from designer digitals. so FUN. once i felt better i came downstairs and printed it out.

baja blue cardstock from SU was a great match for the colors.

the finished page all stapled together and glued and letter stickered

a little bit of detail:) i am really liking the template+single photo hybrid thing.

free magazines.

PDF mags are the best thing ever!
this is a really good one that i just discovered on stacy julian's blog.
and it's FREE!
i download them to my ipad and read with good reader.

95: Puppy Pages! yay.

OHHHH fun stuff today. it is digi-useitup day here in the NYC.
scroll down for all the info.
YAY! as a result of listening to the paperclipping digi show:
paperclipping digi show.
i found this wonderful designer:
studio flergs
i downloaded this awesome freebie from her blog:
pretty, pretty freebie: click here
. SO PRETTY! and perfect for this page.
the background is from allison kimball's free cardstock kit and the title is a brush from a kit available @ designer digitals.
template is from pencil-lines and i modified it a little..

Monday, September 27, 2010

95: memories of the beach:)

i used the same materials as yesterday's last page.
trying to get as many pages as i can before persnicketyprints' sale:)
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96: i still can rock the paper.

or so i keep telling myself.
the picking are slim over here as far as traditional scrapping goes, so it will be fun to see what comes out of working with limited supplies.

this page is made all out of scraps from my scrap paper box.
a few embellishments and it was done.
probably took about 25 minutes from start to finish.

after searching in my blue box this was what i came up with. and it is a done deal.
yup. i can STILL rock the paper:)
but i need to find some more staples......

96: digi cause i LIKE it.

so here's the story.
i am on a no-buy diet, right? every day i wake up and look around my favorite blogs and sites to find cool freebies to work with.
before going digital, i had not purchased any new paper or embellishments in MONTHS. maybe years even. it was so frustrating to want to use fresh materials and have to wait FOREVER....
so i stopped cold turkey. no paper, no scrap stuff. NOTHING.
the papercraving stopped and went away.
enter digital:)
now my goal is to use as many of the free things as i can find on the internet until new years 2010.
then i will go on the mother of all spending sprees:)
i LOVE karla dudley's designs. so fresh, clean and versatile.
i found her shop after my nobuy started, so imagine the THRILL when i got one of her kits in this month's dailydigi files?
yup, jumping up and down excited!
her blog is one i got to daily and today there is a set of 8 digi papers for FREE!
karla dudley's misfits: click here
i used two of her paper on the layout above.
another one of my favorite digi haunts is designhousedigital.
every monday they have one free kit available for download and the template i used for my page is it for today:)
it is by karen funk and available here:
karen funk freebie template @ designhousedigital: click here
hope you enjoy today's finds.
get to scrapping!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

96: sometimes you need to keep it simple:)

ok....this is an AWESOME place for freebie stuff.
cool wordart...CLICK IT
there really are times when you need to keep it simple.
especially when you have pictures like these:)))

96: digi all the way!

my SIL just had her second baby..a little girl to make a happy boy girl pair for them.
all stuff from my digistash
i am going to scrap fast because persniketyprints is having a BIG sale soon.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

97: why allison kimball ROCKS!

ok. so you need to get yourself to this link first for the freebie and then bookmark allison kimball's blog.
go to allison's blog: CLICK IT!l
this is the 2 page spread that eventually morphed from the freebie she posted.

i added a little and moved things around to make it a 2 pager for my shutterfly book. september has been a little hectic so we haven't takes as many pictures and the ones we do have are from our cameras, but i digress (as usual). i had already used these elements on another page, but this was PERFECT for this particular group of totally unrelated pictures.

as cool as the freebies are...and i DO love a good freebie as we all know, i HEART allison's blog because of the content. wonderful stories and heartfelt journaling. she is truly gifted:)
bookmark the blog and read it as you would a good book:)
hybrid coming later!

97: digi weekend.

this weekend is going to be a little crazy here. i have to make sure that everyone has enough clean clothes for the week, plus i have to do a BIG weeding out of stuff that does not fit. friday morning we were in a rush and zoe wore a shirt that was a LITTLE too small for her.

here is the freebie digi template i am using for this page:

i also used a free kit from:

 i'll be doing the hybrid later on.
stay tuned:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

98: doing the hybrid.

ok. here is the hybrid page of the day.
if you are wondering what the heck i am doing, here's the gist of it.
i am broke. i have stash. i figured out how to do digital pages:)
every day i look around the 'net for digital freebies and i use them on whatever i am working on.
today i have this template:
kitty designs @ simplescrapper: CLICK IT!
this is what my template looked like after i added and subtracted layers and papers. 
ps. you can get these papers from here this month:

i picked out some cardstock and cut out my image.

i rounded the corners, ripped some SU pattern paper and glued it all down. doesn't it look pretty?
scroll down to the next post for the last steps to this project!
songs i listened to while finishing this project:
animal: the neon trees
fall to pieces: velvet revolver
change: the fixx
america: simon and garfunkel
pump it up: elvis costello
porcelain: red hot chili peppers
wicked little town: hedwig soundtrack
fastlove: george michael

98: doing the hybrid:) part two.

stapling on some ribbon so it does not falll off later. plus i like staples...ok, i LOVE staples:) all stuff that came out of my color boxes.

i pop-dotted the whole printed block to give the page dimension.

a little detail shot of the HS journal spot and date stickers. think those are making memories little alpha stickers?
the finished project.
join me tomorrow where we'll be using some more stash and getting stuff DONE!

98: freebie digi template!

this page is part of a bigger project that i am hoping to get done this year. i have a BIG hodgepodge of pages about myself already done, but i want to compile them all into one (or 100) albums.
for now i am completing pages and temporarily putting them into a few spots until next year when i can buy some AC 12x12 3 ring binders albums to put them into one big bunch of volumes.
this page is made with this SUPER AWESOME template:
paislee press template..CLICK IT!!!

these stories are important. not just for me, but for everyone whose life overlaps with mine.
i am happy that i am getting them done.

98: quick pages RULE!

ok. so here's the story with today's digital page.
i woke up SUPER early(5:00 a.m.) and decided to check my blogs real quick on my ipad.
anna aspnes has the bestest free quick page at her blog today:
click here for anna's AMAZING freebie:)
while you are at it, anna has the greatest content on her site. all kind of informative, cool info on digi stuff. look around:)
this is the layout i made using the quick page. i added a bottom layer of white cardstock from designerdigitals, resized the quick page by a tiny bit, some text and a title made with an ali edwards brush. it took about 15 minutes start to finish.
the great thing is that if i were to make this page from scratch (i couldn't do it, BTW) it would take forever, but anna did it for me. and it is PERECT for this scanned picture from the 70's that was distressed enough. seriously? it doesnt get better than this. and free on top of that?
 love he digi world.
ps. i am the little girl in the middle:)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

99: fun with svg file freebies and my cricut.:)

ok. so i found this freebie:
clicke here for deena rutter's halloween freebie:)
and i was like, cricut is just gathering dust on my desk. so i broke it out, powered it up and got my scal program ready.
i cut the file out to cover the whole sticky mat thingie.
it looked like this when it came out of the cricut.
my cricut is the first edition, which will probably be an antique in a few years, but it does the job and i got it for free from my aunt. i dig it, but sometimes i just don't have the time to sit and cut things out, kwim? but i loved the doodly trees, and i still have a ton of halloween pics to scrapbook.
 this is what my short list of supplies looked like. i wanted to do something fast and fun that would get some pics into my binders PRONTO!

and this is the end result. i freehanded the pattern paper shapes to fit in the tree outlines and i like how they look all irregular. added a few letter stickers and popdotted the birds. VOILA. finished page.
quick, heh?
hope you enjoyed today's pages. i will be back tomorrow with some more countdown scrapping!

hybrid 99: simple and done.

sometimes easy, simple and quick is the way to go.
my last post was a digital layout using a template from
i used the template to make a grid for ny pictures and then i turned off all the other layers and printed.
it looked like this off the printer.

i then picked out a few supplies that i thought would work and went to town for like 15 minutes.

i stamped the background and if i ever had to keep just one stamp and one ink color it would be the dotted background from unity stamps and baja breeze ink from SU. seriously.

and this is the finished page. very simple and quick and clean. just the way i like my pages to be:)
i was able to use 10 pictures on this page and i couldn't be happier with it:) NICE.
i will be back later with another project for today:)