Saturday, September 18, 2010

Process Part Two:)

this is yet another type of process for me.
the complete photobook.
i wanted this book to have consistency and flow to it. the DH took most of the pictures so i had a lot to sift thru (he really like that continous shooting button)
first i made a template with eight spaces for photos. the album will follow the layout plus pictures formula where i have one layout and the opposite page is a full bleed picture that takes up the whole area. i think that gives the book a nice flow and balance.
once i had my pictures edited and fixed up a little (ran them thru the boost and slight light actions from PW), i just dropped them into the template to later embellish.
i picked out a jenn barrette/sahlin studio kit from called vintage carnival. this is the first page i finished.
all pages will follow the same formula for continuance.

the result looks a LOT like something i would do in traditional paper scrapping. i went with some oversized letters for the title, one embellishment over the photos to sort of bring them together and "vellum" staples to the page for journaling.
now that most of the hard work is done the rest of the book should be way easier to put together. i will post a link to the book once it is done.

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