Thursday, September 30, 2010

93:Paper Scrapping.

this past year i have done a LOT of purging. the need to simplify my life was more powerful than my papercraving. this is what is left of my very, very large paper stash. about 4 inches worth.
when i say that i could scrap ALL my printed pictures with this stash i am not joking.
i will be doing it. pretty much all of my current pictures are scrapped. now it is all about going back into the pictures boxes and re-evaluating what i really want to achieve with my paper supplies.
what 4.5 inches of paper looks like. it is hard to imagine that at one point i had this amount of paper x10.
crazy, huh?
what my desk looks like today. getting ready for a flurry of paper scrappage. just waiting for the mojo to visit.

my shelf of 8.5x11 paper.
don't think i could ever go back to 12x12. plus i am digging the minibooks.
yup. i still like that part:)
listening to the paperclipping roundtable. interesting conversation about paper and digital.

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