Thursday, March 31, 2011


i got these memorykeeper albums for $5 @ my acmoores a few months back.
they are 8x8 and they KILL ME!
the rings are spaced really weird and i cannot find page protectors to fit them.
of course, i no longer get any scrap stuff unless it is digital or i have a coupon and these protectors are not available in my area.
what's a girl to do?

it just popped into my head that my digi pages do not HAVE to be in page protectors.
and then my brain exploded.

once i was conscious again, i fiddled with my 3 hole punch and set to getting this little book started:)

i have been around for 4 decades (YIKES) so i am breaking down my "about me" digi pages into four chapters.
this might not work for everyone, but it is making me SOOOOOO happy right now!
and we can all use some happy once in a while.

the month is almost over:)

and right now i can't WAIT!
it means that we are THAT much closer to warmer weather, though we are bracing for yet another storm today.
march freebie madness is over, but i am still using all the freebies i can find! there is a lot of good stuff out there for digi scrappers:) seriously.
i am also doing my version of digi-powerscrapping. it is freeing up a lot of time to do other things around the house.
another thing that is on my mind these days is planning my DD#1's quinceanero. we are going to see some of the banquet halls here on the island this weekend to make a venue decision. once i have that i can start making concrete decisions on  everything else.

 i am trying to capture the little things that are happening around me, especially considering how fast my girls are growing up. time is going at lightning speed and before i know it, they will be out on their own. sigh.
this page is about my zoe. she is an amazing creative writer and is working on scripts for her very own cartoon series. she is a complex creature that one:) 

template by 68 things
paper and elements by karla dudley
tab by katie pertiet

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

trying new things!

and using old STUFF:)
i am trying out new paper flowers to use for my DD #1's quinceanero party.
i like the way this rosette looks.

a little page for my half pint binder.
happy memories.

catching up on pages:)

a truly amazeballs quickpage from allison kimball:)
march freebie madness is coming to a close soon:)

freebie template available @ the forums @
by mz gennifer bursett!

template by ME:)
it's an 8.5x11 page for my niece's yearbook.

Friday, March 25, 2011

yeah! paper for today.

and a bunch of OLD stuff:)

YAY! more paper done and finished:)

killing paper:)

just because i can. 

Freebie Template for YOU!

based on this paper design:

click to download here:

March Freebie Madness: JoeyLynnDesigns

today's page is totally freebie:) my favorite type!
the template is from joeylynndesigns
the paper and elements are from fei-fei's stuff.
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

papering today.

if there are any older papers out there, i will eat my hat.

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Hybrid page: Allison Kimball:)

right now i am in saving mode so there is not a lot of disposable income.
that means no printing the 50 pages i have saved up. darn.
but i digress:)
i made this little 8.5x11 page with allison kimball's sweetheart kit. did i mention it is free?
sure is:)
the template is also a freebie from paislee press.
you can totally scrapbook frugally.

the page was cute when i finished, but i knew that i wasn't going to be able to print it @ persnicketyprints for a while and a girl NEEDS some instant gratification sometimes, kwim?

i printed the finished digital page, distressed the edges and added a few little thingies.

and that is it:)

a much needed thankful thought.

today is one of those days.
feeling tired, emotionally and physically.
all of the cleaning and the de-cluttering and the fixing and the day to day stuff has left me drained.
the weather is not helping either.
it is gray and dreary and cold here in the NYC and it seems like this winter is never going to end.
i haven't been sleeping well.
if i don't clean up the house daily it snowballs into a gigantic hurricane mess.
so my thankful thought for today is this:
i am thankful that i have a house to get messy and to clean up.
i am thankful for children healthy enough to argue over clothes and shoes in the morning.
i am thankful for a husband who wakes me up every morning @ 4 am because he has a job to get to.
i am thankful for a stinky puppy boy that keeps me company, even if he IS stinky:)
i am thankful for me and the fact that even though the day is grim, i WILL get through it... because the best thing that God ever made was one day after another.
i just have to hang on until tomorrow.
it is always better.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i forgot to share my supermoon pages:)

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FOUND: my little album:) YAY!

i started this project last year sometime?
it is a mini version of stacy julian's library of memories.
the binder fits 5.5x8.5 pages.
PERFECT for right now!

a 5x7 picture, some scalloped cardstock, photo corners and chipboard letter.
i am chipping away @ the paper stash.
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things i am loving: wednesday edition

a bunch of found pictures and pages that will be scrapped or organized this week.
i am still doing my project life and the my life, my story layouts that are chronological so these things will just go into a misc. binder.

the treasure closet. all my stuff is in there.
martha stewart should be proud of me:)

my new favorite thing: labelmaker=BIG love.
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i moved. AGAIN.

and now my little teenie tiny scrap space has become a closet.
that is all that is left of my once powerful and all mighty scrap room!
it's really ok though, because most of my stash is so small that it does it in the closet:)

i am starting to use my pictures as decor and making photo albums (3-ups from costco) and it is ALL cool.
it is all working in its own way.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i am documenting my family life in very, very EASY and painfree way.
there is not enough time in the day to get everything i want this is the next best way to make sure that my pics are getting scrapped.
and it is all GOOD!

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just so you know:)

the last few months the dh and i have been concentrating on seriously getting our house in order.
lots of deep cleaning and de-cluttering and changing our priorities.
i haven't done any other craft than scrapbooking for YEARS...and i mean, like, decades.
my cutie pie fashion-y girl devyn found a yoyo maker @ michaels and remembered that i had some fabric that i was planning to use for some pillows.
a few hours later i made her this headband and pin. she was soooooooo EXCITED!
and this little moment has opened up my eyes big time!
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