Saturday, March 19, 2011

bullet list for today:

  • my scrap space is gone. BUT, the living room space is sooooooo much nicer now and the feng shui thing is working:)
  • today is another laundry day. i am tired of being out...every afternoon is a race to get errands done:)
  • every weekend morning zoe wakes me up by putting music on and singing. this week's selection includes modern love by bowie,  king of pain by the police and sing by my chemical romance. i seriously need a flip camera. still working on it:) did i mention she gets up @ 6:00 am?
  • waiting for the supermoon. enough said:)
  • everything will work out. i have faith:)

1 comment:

Daynette said...

I am hanging on to your "everything works out" by a thread here. Trying to stay positive! I'm hoping I hit the lotto tonight..if so I'll be calling you at 11:20pm. Then we will all be good :)