Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i am starting a private challenge blog.

email me direct or leave a comment if you are interested.

going private for a while:)

Monday, October 26, 2009

one last page:)

for a grand total of SIX pages today!

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Today's Labor:)

Bad pictures, I KNOW!
will replace tomorrow...but i am SO HAPPY i scrapped a bunch today! GO ME!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Page in Progress:)

it all begins with a bunch of supplies. i pulled this particular bunch of papers a week or so ago, so you will be seeing them A LOT! all 3 bugs old lines. i had a small piece of the green pattern, so i punched a bunch of circles out

i used an old CTMH dot stamp with su kiwi kiss ink .

a row of pretty stamped dots. i LOVE it:)

sanding the edges of the paper so it will blend a little better with the rest of the stuff that i will go next:)

Page in Progress part 2:)

adding the "bones" of the page here:) pictures, journaling etc:

All done...almost:) i have all the embellishing and the journal strips in place.

the completed page. all done with the little do-dads and thingies. i pop-dotted the focal picture and used the 2 other horizontal pictures as more of a background. i LOVE LOVE the fun look of the page and the fact that i am getting things used up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More pages today:)

i made this card with the leftover paper from the last post. i am so HAPPY to pull the stamps out again. now that i made some room, i will taking them out again:)

a few months ago i started scraplifting pages from the Designing with Recipes book from Autumn Leaves, so i thought it would be cool to pick it up again. i had the most fun making this page using my favorite stamper ever...the polka dot background from unity

Slowly working my back into a groove:)

the last few weeks have been trying to say the least.
i am getting over a massive cold and just the overall winter is coming crud. BLEH.
anyways...at least the sun is out again in the NYC and i actually got to use up some stuff.

used: OLD lil davis and jenni bowlin papers....and i MEAN OLD!
sizzix tab
misc. letter stickers
silver cording.

i used the leftover stuff for the second layout so they can sit sit by side in the ever growing wedding book:) the big flower has been waiting to go on a page for a LONG time and i think it was the perfect touch
i never realized we had gone to so many wedding....go figure:)
taking it easy today to see f i can fully recuperate from the nasty crud:)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

i hate scanning:)

for some reason my pages are always so washed out in color? BLEH!
i used my cricut/scal for the title and old heidi grace paper for the background.
we were discussing ribbon on my yahoo group, so i decided to raid the ribbon boxes for embellishment on the bottom of the page.
it's not an major deign wonderful page, but i like it:)
it's all about the pictures!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Right Now:

i am trying to motivate myself to scrap again.

i am trying to stop myself from sabotaging my weight loss.

i am trying to forget the nightmare from last night.

i am procrastinating cleaning the kitchen.

i am worrying about the upstairs plumbing.

i am trying to teach myself photoshop elements.

i stopped making cards. need to concentrate on the scrap:)

i am trying to become a better person every day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My first Digital page:)

ok.....so it is not the major thing this page...but i am learning:)
i have been writing down some goals that i want to accomplish in the next few months before the year is thru and this one of them.
i am NOT so good with the computer, but it has always been a challenge to learn how to deal with my lack of skills. i mean the most i do to my pictures is auto-fix.
so this page right here is a breakthrough.
i am proud of myself!
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

a RE-DO!

These pictures were on two pages if you can believe:) plus they are the only pictures i have of that v's day. can you believe my girl is almost 13?

even MORE re-do's:)

i used the pet stack from dcwv for this one:) i love the colors in that stack. letters were cut with my scal/cricut using 2peas fleamarket...is that a BLAST from the past or what? i LOVED that font and am hoping to use it more!
old re-do page. this one was an 8.5x11 2 pager before i consolidated it.
i am loving these:)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

a little video for you:)

please disregard the fact that the angle is bad and that i look like i have bear claws and that i am wearing my favorite ratty sweatshirt:)


what about the scrap?

i have been on a self-imposed hiatus from scrapping.
did two pages this week.
and just researching and reading and recharging the creative batteries.
some stuff coming soon...i hope:)

Monday, October 5, 2009

About Scrapbooking:)

ok. bullet point list time again:) i have a lot of thoughts and just wanted to put them somewhere:)

  • Lately i have been taking LOTS of event pictures. Regular snapshots? not so much. i think it has a lot to do with the kiddos growing up and resisting. Who wants a bunch of pictures of the backs of heads or the hands over the face?
  • the recession:) ok...i know it is being taken as the excuse for many things, but the recession has hit us HARD! i have to wonder where to get money for adhesives theses days, never mind actual STUFF.
  • My stash is HUGE. taking into consideration the WAY i scrap, i could easily do every single one of the pictures i have as a single photo page with a bunch of stuff on it. SERIOUSLY.
  • Space. i have NO space. have you ever seen the HGTV shows where the family of five has to upsize because their house is too small? well...i do not have that option. i have a teeny tiny 3 floor townhouse with 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and a basement for 6 living beings (including the poochy, OF COURSE) we are squished enough as it is. i can no longer afford to have a bazillion albums. it's just a fact.
  • and that brings me to the re-dos. when i tell fellow scrappers that i am redoing a BIG stack of pages, they go WHAT? but keep in my mind that my re-doing is more out of necessity than anything else. i have to condense a LOT of pages into a tiny space. no-one has invented a space bag for scrapping yet:) plus a lot of my earlier pages have no journaling and are just painful to look at. BUT the good news is that for every page i have to de-do i have five that are done and that i LOVE. so i guess it all in the wash.
  • digi-scrapping. i am trying to wrap my head around it, but it will take time. remember i have adult ADD:) i can see doing hybrid though?
  • where is scrapping headed as a hobby and business? WOW. a lot of stores/manufacturers/companies have gone under. can't say i didn't see it coming though. it's all ebb and tides, i think. things go in cycles, but never really go away. as long as there are pictures and memorabilia there will se some type of scrapping. things evolve and you just have to go with the flow.
and i think that is it for now. any thoughts?

SO i turned forty-one:)

....and the earth did not stop turning on its axis:) WOW. i was surprised.
Many new things have happened! so a quick bullet list.

* i turned 41.
* i lost 3.4 pounds on my first WW weigh-in.
* i kicked the caffeine free coke habit (again).
* i got the laundry under control (again).
* i redid the basement (again).
* i am the last person on earth to get photoshop elements.
* i am learning to use it:)

so there you have it. my week in a nutshell.
will be back with some pages tomorrow:)