Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Slowly working my back into a groove:)

the last few weeks have been trying to say the least.
i am getting over a massive cold and just the overall winter is coming crud. BLEH.
anyways...at least the sun is out again in the NYC and i actually got to use up some stuff.

used: OLD lil davis and jenni bowlin papers....and i MEAN OLD!
sizzix tab
misc. letter stickers
silver cording.

i used the leftover stuff for the second layout so they can sit sit by side in the ever growing wedding book:) the big flower has been waiting to go on a page for a LONG time and i think it was the perfect touch
i never realized we had gone to so many wedding....go figure:)
taking it easy today to see f i can fully recuperate from the nasty crud:)

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