Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the MM paper is done:)...

ok...i think i got a record amount of pages done with this pattern paper:)
a small disclaimer: all of my cards are 3.5 x 3.5  unless otherwise indicated:)
i will be picking new stuff today:) woooohooooo!!!

pages 20 and 21: kiwi kiss cardstock and mm paper. i used HS journaling spots and an embellishment from one of my boxes. i also added some PTI buttons and HS letters. there will be a pattern forming soon:)
page 22: PTI cardstock and ink, mm paper and embellishments.
pti dot paper and Unity dot background (my favorite stamp EVAH).

page 23: mm paper scraps, bazzill cardstock. i stamped the background with a unity KOTM stamp with PTI ink:) misc. chipboard letter and some letters.
cards: 6, 7 and 8: trio of cards using unity KOTM stamps and scraps.

Monday, June 29, 2009

why 100 pages/100 cards?

ok....so someone asked my WHY 100 pages/100 cards?
i decided a few weeks ago (after i spent 15.00 on a few sheets of paper and a tombow adhesive) that i was literally scrapping in circles. a vicious circle if you will.
it went something like this: do a few pages, get the itch to buy something new, BUY something new, throw it on the pile and all the rest of the older stash goes unused.
Don't get me wrong....i make TONS of pages, so the paper i DO buy gets used eventually. It just seems like such a waste to have so many perfectly lovely and usable things just sitting there.
It's a much better idea to actually work the stash into awesome , cool, FUN pages that can be finally put in albums. i am all about the useitup, especially in the economy funk we are in.
and that is my reasoning.
for the month or two, EVERYTHING you see on my pages will be stuff from my very own stash.
i stocked up on SU cardstock and have some PTI and bazzill to fill in the empty spots. i CAN buy adhesive and journaling pens if necessary.....but only with coupons.
my prize at the end will be a few 12x12 albums to finally be able to organize my bigger pages. acmoore is carrying WRMK 3 ring binders...YEAHHHH BABY!
so without further ado, here are the weekends pages and cards:)

page 18: i got this idea from a simple scrapbooks simple scheme ( jan/feb. 2009, pg 55) did i mention that i love SU's kraft cardstock? it matches everything! plus i can get it in 8.5x11. big PLUS for me. using the same MM paper kit, with a little ribbon.
page 19: ahhhhhh baja breeze, how i LOVE YOU! that is like the best SU color ever:) again, i used the same MM paper kit with a HS label and i stamped the background with Unity's gratitude=joy  and baja breeze ink. i LOVE this page. i pop-dotted the focal picture with the title. i DIG pop dots:) 
card 5: simple 3.5 x 3.5 card with a few leftover scraps and unity stamps. most of cards will be this size until i finish the two boxes of pre-scored i made a few months back when i cut down my bazzill:)

i feel that my scrapbooking has taken me on an amazing journey...and now i think that i am comfortably at home with my style and the process that makes me HAPPY:)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Six month total:)

ok....so here are the stats:

pictures scrapped:  530

pages scrapped:     179

cards done: 117

as far as pictures taken? i dont want to count those! LOL!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

dude. i am using stuff UP!

i had a power scrapping session at 7 a.m. today.
still waiting for my second wind:)
loving the useitup...there some neat stuff i forgot i had:)

page 15: random details of the wedding rehearsal for my album:)
page 16: title page for the animal kingdom section of my disney trip book:)
page 17: details and end page for my brother's album...still a few pages to go, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel:)
card 3: scraps on a 3.5x 3.5 card using unity stamps:)
card 4: another 3.5 x 3.5 card using scraps. 

Friday, June 26, 2009

page 14 of 100:)

page #14:
i purchased a target kit with this Making Memories stuff a LONG time ago.
so long ago i can't remember the name of the stuff...but then again i can't remember the names of anything lately.
everything is from the kit except the cardstock, my beloved kiwi kiss:)
this page is for my brother's wedding album.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

HHH Unity Post: 6/26

each week  i tell myself i WILL do the unity challenges posted at the SCS forum...and EVERY week i just wind up letting the stamps fall where they may.
i am keeping track of my pages and cards as part of my 100 pages/100 cards challenge for the summer. trying to use up the stash you know!

card #2:
i recently pulled apart my unity KOTM, so i have no idea where the stamps come from:) still using the same papers:)

page #12:
a few more wedding pages. i will never finish these pictures...but i don't care. i LOVE weddings!
used a scrolly type stamp from KOTM and a few chipboard letters.
page #13:
this is my version of masculine:) LOL. my lil brother during the wedding rehearsal.
someone take my unity polka dot background away cause i am overworking it:)

DIva Coffee Break Designs #133

i am sooooooo trying to catch up with challenges:)))

this is for divacofeebreakdesigns. i used leftovers from the M's paper, a MS punch and stamps from unity, of course!

Card #1:

Today's 100 pages/100 Card post:)

page number 1o:
i used a trio of really cool cardstock type paper i found at M's from a company called 29th market i think? i cut the strip with the name off and i can't remember what it was:) i also added a couple of misc. embellishments and a title made with a sizzix font/

page #11:
this is the TRUE last of the MOD paper. like seriously. it is DONE!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

and that is a wrap:)

here is the rubber mate tote full of paper. i also have sleeves for stickers and some full 12x12 sheets of CS. not that i use them anymore....but i kept all the neutrals. i still have a few stacks of paper that i need to sort thru, but for the most part it is all here:) 
bottom of the bookshelf. i tried to get all my embellies in one place. the cool this is that i repurposed old cinna-roll boxes from costco for my loose stuff. you have markers, pencils, ribbons, chipboard etc. in these boxes AND they are seethru and FREE!
more embellishment boxes. the little boxes have all the small stuff in them. i dumped all my brads in one, all my eyelets in another and so on. works for me!
i have my unity stamps and my other misc. stamps on this shelf...plus the bins on top hold rub-on's, 8x8 and 6x6 papers and chipboard alphas.

and that's all folks:).... hope you enjoyed the little trip into my dungeon...i mean scrap-lair:)
for the rest of the post see below!

part two of my space:)

this area is right in front of my desk, so if i need to get up to find something it is easy to:)
i have an old re-used kitchen island for my cutting stuff, plus a REALLY old ikes bookcase for my embellishments and stamps.
again...it's not pretty, but it works for me!

a view of the area in front of my desk.
drawers with cutting supplies. my alphas are in lttle snack boxes. i love those:)
top of the kitchen island. check out the RETRO sizzix machine:) there's a box of chipboard alphas there too, plus the printer.

the green box has leftover bazzill cardstock (cause i am anal like that), the blue one has foam stamps and the striped has my SU sets.
you can see my dusty cricut there:) plus a box of floss and a box for cards under the table:)

for more look above and below this post!

after almost a year of condensing:.....

this is my basement space. it's not pretty...but it sure is productive!
i had a LOT of stuff....and not a lot of space, so my goal was to fit most of my supplies into certain areas. it has taken a while, but i think i am almost there.

this is my desk area. it's an old ikea countertop with the saw-horse leg thingies. i love it because it is STURDY! when i have my friends over to crop i open up a costco table next to it.
on top of the table is an old repurpose cork bulletin board. it works awesome for stamping, plus i have my tote for tool and a two tiered basket for my punches. ...right now it is a little messy because i am planning out stuff for the next few days.
as you can see it is a little messy:)
i have had this iris cart thing forever! it holds my always used tools on the tops, SU, PTI and other inks in their own drawers, plus larger embellishment and paint. i like that is right next to my chair:)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Going STRONG on the 100 stash page challenge:)

ok. so i made a solemn vow that i was going to get to ONE HUNDRED pages without buying ANYTHING.....and i mean NADA, ZILCH, NOTHING new except my unity KOTM and adhesive.
here is the latest batch:

supplies: old stuff from my stash.
and my trust awesome LOVE LOVE LOVE it dot background from unity:)

100 stash page count: 9

Monday, June 22, 2009

This weekends MOD creations:)

so this weekend i went to michaels and i got about 10 sheets of new (to me) paper.
spent about 30.00 plus tax on that and some adhesive.
i am back to scrapping my stash for sure.
so this is the start of the one hundred page freeze.
no more new stuff (except my unity KOTM) for one hundred pages.
i think i can do it:)

all supplies from my stash including some OLD MAMBI photo sleeves, jolee stickers, art warehouse stickers and the MEGA old MOD paper:)

100 stash page count: 6

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day:)

this is hands down my favorite Daddy picture! 
maybe you are in the shadows, but you are a constant presence in our lives.
we love you, DADDY!

Random Stuff and a picture:)

Check out the puppy love:)
have you ever seen loony tunes? my youngest daughter Devyn is now called Elmyra.
she LOVES this dog. not just regular "petting on the head, he's cute" love, but honest to goodness loving on him 24-7 kind of love.
he adores her and is kinda scared of her at the same time:)
it makes me happy that having a doggy will be a good memory for the girls...and for me.
i never thought we would have another dog again...we had a cocker spaniel and a bassett hound in our before kidsworld and it just about brook my heart to have to let them go to other family members.
more than 12 years later and after much searching, we have this fluff ball of a shih-tzu that has turned into my little shadow buddy. he is now six months and we love him to death.
i can't imagine our house without him.
and keeping with the scrapping..
here is a bullet point list of what i am working on:

* getting my 12x12 into albums. again...but for the last time!
* organizing stamps...it never ends:)
* working on florida vacation pages.
* making a challenge list. want to start on those again:)
* building up my card supply. again.

Favorite supplies lately:

Cardstock: just got a full pack of SU kraft , baja breeze and kiwi kiss...plus the new in colors. need to get the new PTI soon. saving my pennies SUXS eggs.

Unity stamps:  have scrimped, saved, and budgeted. the July KOTM will be MINE!!!! i am in love with these stamps. they are just the right size for 8.5x11 scrapping, plus the value, THE VALUE! LURVE THEM!

stickers: yup...i am using up the sticker stash. and LOVING IT! i have used stickers that i can't even remember buying. SO COOL:)

pattern paper: still using up old stuff. i am really enjoying trying to freshen up old stuff. quite a challenge!

and that is it:)

will be back in the week with loads of projects...i HOPE!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Part two of my HHH:)

this paper is done done DUN!
i used a combo of baja breeze, tangerine tango and kiwi kiss. plus the leftover MOD paper.
man, i had a lot of that paper!
it's all done though, cause i am MOVING ON!

Unity HHH post 6/19

Before i get to my projects let me give you a little info on my process:)
* gather paper, usually 3-6 sheets.
* match up cardstock to pattern paper
* figure out stamps and ink
* start building pages
* add photos depending on the mood of the page
* add embellishments
* continue until the paper is used up and i don't have pieces big enough for pages.
* use scraps for cards....usually small ones.
and that's what i do...all the time. very OCD.
this past batch of pages and stuff are brought to you by: MOD and Unity Stamps...plus a little SU ink along the way:)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Mod:)

using up a bunch more stuff:) and having FUN!!!