Wednesday, June 24, 2009

after almost a year of condensing:.....

this is my basement space. it's not pretty...but it sure is productive!
i had a LOT of stuff....and not a lot of space, so my goal was to fit most of my supplies into certain areas. it has taken a while, but i think i am almost there.

this is my desk area. it's an old ikea countertop with the saw-horse leg thingies. i love it because it is STURDY! when i have my friends over to crop i open up a costco table next to it.
on top of the table is an old repurpose cork bulletin board. it works awesome for stamping, plus i have my tote for tool and a two tiered basket for my punches. ...right now it is a little messy because i am planning out stuff for the next few days.
as you can see it is a little messy:)
i have had this iris cart thing forever! it holds my always used tools on the tops, SU, PTI and other inks in their own drawers, plus larger embellishment and paint. i like that is right next to my chair:)

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grandmabonnie said...

I love your space! It looks comfy and as always very organized!!!