Sunday, June 21, 2009

Random Stuff and a picture:)

Check out the puppy love:)
have you ever seen loony tunes? my youngest daughter Devyn is now called Elmyra.
she LOVES this dog. not just regular "petting on the head, he's cute" love, but honest to goodness loving on him 24-7 kind of love.
he adores her and is kinda scared of her at the same time:)
it makes me happy that having a doggy will be a good memory for the girls...and for me.
i never thought we would have another dog again...we had a cocker spaniel and a bassett hound in our before kidsworld and it just about brook my heart to have to let them go to other family members.
more than 12 years later and after much searching, we have this fluff ball of a shih-tzu that has turned into my little shadow buddy. he is now six months and we love him to death.
i can't imagine our house without him.
and keeping with the scrapping..
here is a bullet point list of what i am working on:

* getting my 12x12 into albums. again...but for the last time!
* organizing never ends:)
* working on florida vacation pages.
* making a challenge list. want to start on those again:)
* building up my card supply. again.

Favorite supplies lately:

Cardstock: just got a full pack of SU kraft , baja breeze and kiwi the new in colors. need to get the new PTI soon. saving my pennies SUXS eggs.

Unity stamps:  have scrimped, saved, and budgeted. the July KOTM will be MINE!!!! i am in love with these stamps. they are just the right size for 8.5x11 scrapping, plus the value, THE VALUE! LURVE THEM!

stickers: yup...i am using up the sticker stash. and LOVING IT! i have used stickers that i can't even remember buying. SO COOL:)

pattern paper: still using up old stuff. i am really enjoying trying to freshen up old stuff. quite a challenge!

and that is it:)

will be back in the week with loads of projects...i HOPE!!!!

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