Wednesday, June 24, 2009

and that is a wrap:)

here is the rubber mate tote full of paper. i also have sleeves for stickers and some full 12x12 sheets of CS. not that i use them anymore....but i kept all the neutrals. i still have a few stacks of paper that i need to sort thru, but for the most part it is all here:) 
bottom of the bookshelf. i tried to get all my embellies in one place. the cool this is that i repurposed old cinna-roll boxes from costco for my loose stuff. you have markers, pencils, ribbons, chipboard etc. in these boxes AND they are seethru and FREE!
more embellishment boxes. the little boxes have all the small stuff in them. i dumped all my brads in one, all my eyelets in another and so on. works for me!
i have my unity stamps and my other misc. stamps on this the bins on top hold rub-on's, 8x8 and 6x6 papers and chipboard alphas.

and that's all folks:).... hope you enjoyed the little trip into my dungeon...i mean scrap-lair:)
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Linda said...

Your so neat orgzines How do you do it.... my stuff in my room bathroom... your name it's their. hotwheels