Sunday, October 31, 2010

62: two pagers.

using up some freebie templates.
i am up to my ears in pictures and pages and stuff:)
this one is for my shutterfly album that will go to the end of the year. i am trying to do LOTS of 2 page layouts, so i can fit it all in. for some reason october has been full of stuff for us. hoping that november will be a little easier. i am SERIOUSLY tired!
grab this template here:
mandagirl- queen of the twopagers! click it.
all the elements are from jdaydaystudios @ not sure if you can get this one still? it's an AWESOME everyday kit.
i just places an order from pernicketyprints for $50.00 worth of pages...FREE shipping today for halloween....and i LOVE free shipping! YAY.
and that is it here in the NYC.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

63: and even more costco size pages.

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63: more costco sized pages:)

not sure if i shared these?

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63: costco sized pages.

wanted to post two pages made from the same template:)

63: from here to there:)

next year i will be switching (hopefully) to costco photo books. i am in the process of making a sample album to see if it is comparable with shutterfly.
the pages are a funky size, so i set about learning how to make my own templates.
thankfully, thedailydigi had a great tutorial that was sooooooo very easy to follow, so here are my templates.

this is what the page looks like after i added the pictures.

and then i went to town with karla dudley's friend kit. i LOVE LOVE THE COLORS!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

costco album templates:)

in an attempt to streamline a little bit more, i decide to make a set of costco templates. they are super fancy clusters or funky shapes. the templates are true to my style as a scrapper.

this is what the template looks like after i place the pictures in. the shadows are already done on the template so all you have to do is clip your papers and photos on. easy peasy.

and this is the finished product. fun, funky colors and few embellishments with a kraft BG.
i think this page is ALL me:)
yay for learning new things!!!!
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wedding mini: the process.

gathering all my stuff in one place

glueing the paper to the chipboard front and back.

the finished covers.

the mess getting ready to put it all together:)

wedding mini: prepping pages.

this is the prepping part of the book. i glued the pictures together and added some cards to the backs o others.

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wedding mini: finished!

the finished book:)
these are my prints and will go in my big tray of mini's after i finish the journaling. i need to buy new pens.

wedding mini: more of the process.

punching holes in the pages. i use one page as a guide and hold the pictures together with a binder clip so the holes match up:)

the inside:)

the memory cards are from CZ @ designerdigitals

some of the ring embellishments.

65: Album Storage:)

my library of memories system. it is very loose and alway changing and evolving. and that's OK!
my shutterfly books are in there too...and i am gong to be printing a costco album soon. can't wait to see what it looks like.
the girls are older and they are more responsable with looking thru the books so protecting the pages isn;t as important...especially with the digi-ones.
and i found some WRMK on clearance @ acmoores too!

my current 8.5x11 albums. i am putting all my hybrids and paper pages here.

one of my ac binders opened.

i counted the amount of page protectors i have in there. drumroll PLEASE!!! LOL.
there are 46 page protectors with a grand total of 92 pages. and it is still not even halfway full.
this is pure happiness.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

66: loving the wedding stuff STILL:)

making some sample pages for my portfolio book:) YAY!
papers and elements: joyce paul designs
scallop brush used as clipping mask: karla dudley
title: ali edwards

66:my heart and soul:)

through thick and thin, sickness and health, broke and not broke.
he is the rock and the backbone of our family and i fill in the spaces:)
i am so lucky that i found my soulmate.
love ya, honey:)

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

* what my heart wants*

taking a leap.
hoping i won't crash.
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67: doing the digi:)

getting a little tiny bit of paper used up:) YAY!
template from simply yin and modified a little.
paper and elements from october's dailydigifiles

used up a little tag. i will never get all my paper supplies used up at this rate:)

a little dimension for the digi-flower with a real button center:)

and the most adorable little girl. check out the "i'm gonna kill you" face!

working on the photography skillz

i love weddings.
i am the girl who buys bridal magazines just to read them, who has hundreds of wedding blogs bookmarked. i love all of it.
as i was cleaning up today, i ran across my wedding dress.
i never cleaned it after my wedding and i had to rip all the lace on the bottom because it was so soiled.
it was in a garment bag in a garbage bag and then in the girls closet.
the dress still takes my breath away.
it weighs about 50 pounds and is all lace and sequins.
the moment i walked down the aisle it shimmered and sparkled. i don't think i have ever felt that beautiful in my life.
in february it will 20 years to the day and they have been the best. we have been through more trials and tribulations than i ever even thought possible since that day. we have grown up together, we have built a family together and we are committed to staying together forever.
to be able to capture these moments for others is my dream.
putting it in writing makes it my intention and my goal.
and maybe, just maybe, one of the girls will want to wear this dress someday too.

trying to gather myself:)

it's been a hectic october. so hectic that i have no halloween costumes for the girls as we speak. so i'll make a bullet list to remind myself:

  • we have started laying the foundation for our dream retirement. it will happen, i have ALL the faith in the world.
  • we have a plan and it is not the ideal one, but it is a PLAN.
  • spending time with the kids is our biggest priority right now. i am trying to build their self-esteem and guide them on a good path. i worry so much about them. sigh.
  • getting the home in an organized and minimal way is number two on my list. i am working on it:) i will get it done. i know i will:)
  • life is good, but it could be better. and i will make it better for all of us.
  • learning to let go of the past and focus on the present.
and i am scrapping. everything i can:) LOL. lots and lots of scrappage coming!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


i am loving these wedding pages.
almost makes me want to scan some of my old pictures and do a digital weding album for myself.
template from the ever fab simply yin:)
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