Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a day at arrojo @ varick and houston NYC.

ok...so i haven't had a haircut in 2 years.it is no joke when i say that i am just a little phobic about haircuts. and mani/pedis. and massages. and just about anything that has to do with getting touched by strangers and having my personal space invaded.
but this was no stranger.
mirella is my sister in law's niece and i have known her for years...so i was pretty excited when i found out that she was taking cosmetology courses. WOOOOOHOOOOO. she needed someone to model for her so she could take her bob test. this is what happened:

i get there and she gives me the single best hairwash.and head massage. sooooooo cool. then she got down to business. That is me saying bye-bye to my hair. nice knowing you:)

no going back. trust me when i tell you there was hair all over the place. i don't like mirrors. can you tell? i have never, ever had a more precision haircut in my life:)

who the heck is that? ohhhhhh yeah. it's me with some kick-ass hair! and that's miss mirella, a.k.a. mimi, hair-stylist extraordinaire. i'm thinking she can stay in business with just the hair in this house:) you done GOOD girl!
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