Thursday, October 7, 2010

86: learning:)

i wish that i could REALLY explain how much digital scrapping has helped me.
at one point last year i was seriously thinking of stopping altogether.
the need to simplify the way i was doing things was SO important to my well being.
there just was too much stuff, too many pictures, not enough time.
although i probably scrapped more than the average person, i was overwhelmed by the amount of pages and pictures that i was producing. it seemed that the moment i thought i was making progress, i would just go under again. if i wasn't organizing paper things, i was organizing prints. i did a lot of organizing:)
i was seriously missing the big picture.
and this was the organic progression. something beyond paper.
everything i need to make my pages neatly compacted in one laptop.
i know exactly how much i spend, how many pages i make, how many pictures i need to use.
i can scrap at night, in the car and not worry about the mess or the noise.
i am not worried about how much space i am going to need anymore.
my process is more streamlined. i am loving the change:)
the fact that i have no current pictures to scrap is a by-product.
and if i get the need to use up some paper, there is always hybrid:)

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