Tuesday, October 26, 2010

working on the photography skillz

i love weddings.
i am the girl who buys bridal magazines just to read them, who has hundreds of wedding blogs bookmarked. i love all of it.
as i was cleaning up today, i ran across my wedding dress.
i never cleaned it after my wedding and i had to rip all the lace on the bottom because it was so soiled.
it was in a garment bag in a garbage bag and then in the girls closet.
the dress still takes my breath away.
it weighs about 50 pounds and is all lace and sequins.
the moment i walked down the aisle it shimmered and sparkled. i don't think i have ever felt that beautiful in my life.
in february it will 20 years to the day and they have been the best. we have been through more trials and tribulations than i ever even thought possible since that day. we have grown up together, we have built a family together and we are committed to staying together forever.
to be able to capture these moments for others is my dream.
putting it in writing makes it my intention and my goal.
and maybe, just maybe, one of the girls will want to wear this dress someday too.

1 comment:

Kristie said...

Beautiful picture of a gorgeous dress!

Good luck with your goal, I think you'd be great at it!