Wednesday, October 20, 2010

72: paper scrappage:)

i have a grand total of 72 days until the year ends and a new one begins.
as i move closer and closer i feel an urge to get some of the more meaningful moments of our lives scrapped. there are many many printed memories.
and lots of memorabilia.
there are things that just NEED to be whatever form.
and they will. soon.
this page is an example of a moment that HAD to get done. and soon.
so i did.

sometimes i REALLY have a lot to say...and sometimes not so much. i find that i have been journaling a lot more on my digital pages. and that's ok too:)
these pictures are pretty much self-explanatory. and it's all good.

i have a LOT of these letter stickers and i am using them on everything i can. and that's ok too.
everything works itself, design, scrapping.
all you can do is throw out your intentions to the universe and let it all flow:)
that's what i am doing.
it's working.

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