Sunday, October 10, 2010

83: getting back on track.

it's been a few days.
took a little break to catch a breather and regroup and get my puter in order.
i have all my actions installed, all my shadows and kits and things.
FINALLY i am done. it took a while to get my workflow back in order.
now i just need to take some new pictures! LOL.
this is a new kit called "FlyGirl" from the wonderful miss Karla Dudley who is now @designhousedigitals.
YES, i broke my no buy diet. but not by much and i know i am going to use these kits a LOT.
guess it is time to start a new older for karla dudley designs:)
i was doing a speed scrap @ designhousedigitals but i must have read the instructions wrong, because my page was the opposite of the others:)
lots of fun and i hope to do it again.

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