Monday, May 31, 2010

ideas for my vow renewal.

these are not my flowers. i have the black thumb of death:)
but when i renew my vows i want hundreds of these. in this color.
oh YEAH.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

multipicture pages.

it has been a lot easier to scrap 2 page layouts since i started digital scrapbooking.
i have done more of those now than when i was paperscrapping.
the pictures on this page had a LOT of conflicting colors so i just photoshopped them with pioneer woman's bwbeauty action and i think they came out AWESOME.
templates are seriously the best things ever:)
template 203 by yin (YAY a new one!)
papers and elements by monalisasmiles: lemon fudge.
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Friday, May 28, 2010


template: december 25 freebie from t.tillman
paper from karen funk (THANK YOU for the freebie)
flair from karen also:)
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things to do this weekend and other ramblings.

ok. bullet list time.

  • clean closets and put away laundry
  • mop floors
  • wait delivery of new mattress on saturday! YAY!
  • paperscrap some pages. need to use up some paper
  • clean out zoe's room and clear out unwanted furniture
  • finish watching torchwood season 2
  • still battling the ants. ugh.
  • listen to paperclipping podcast while i use up paper.
i placed my shutterfly order this week and am waiting for 2 photobooks.
also have to scrap together cash for my scrapping simply order but want to get to 50 pages before i do that...maybe a deal will come up soon.
and costco's is now doing bound books! cool beans.

on a roll......

template: purpletulipdesigns @scrapmatters
paper, staples and rub-on: doggonecute kit by mindy terasawa @ designerdigital
white: cardstock: little shores kit @ designerdigitals
word art: elegant word art

Ttwo paging thru my chrono.books:)

i am loving 2 pagers these days. totally using them for my shutterfly chrono books:)
seriously. they are a great way to use up tons of pics, but still diplay them in a creative manner.
cool beans.
template: DHD tiffany tillman leftyrighty #9 and very modified.
kit: beautiful life by kelly minkus @the daily didi.
one more memory captured forever!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

my determined soccer player dude.

template: ahd designs by j.smith-modified
papers: designerdigitals color challenge papers 4/25/10
digitals brushes: sara schmutz and k.pertiet
staples and dot elements: monal lisa smiles

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

bestest friends 4-ever:)

template by mandagirl
all other elements from designhousedigitals.

i love my doggy...he makes me happy:)

the second side of the sketches by suzy template.#77.
same materials as my other pages.
i like much faster.

these are the days.

these girls have been going to school together for 3 years. one will be leaving soon to go to high school and then it will be three girls and a boy. i miss the days when it was only girls.
diggin' the sunflare too:)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

today's digital page:)

template: Sketches by Suzy #78 left side modified.
papers: jenn allyson botanicals freebie kit
elements: connie prince i wuff you kit
staples: anna aspnes 10 things to heart kit
and again with the doggie pictures:) i cant help that my human children wont cooperate anymore:)

paper use up:)

i am in a good place right now, as far as scrapping goes.
filling in the empty holes and not really caring about what size or what stuff or what i use.
for example...i am DIGGING this page.
i havent used ribbon in a long time, so i finally used a little more up. it is so awesome to see the supplies dwindle and the pages pile up.
the cardstock is worldwin textured
paper is the absolute last of the MM chloe's closet i had in my stash
the last of my HS circle journaling spots
close to my heart stamp from a million years ago
SU tangering tango ink
american crafts stickers
and some ribbon.
it is so hard for me to paperscrap these days.
pulling out the supplies is a pain, especialy digi is so nice and clean, but i sure did enjoy working with the textures.
another little fact is that the mat with the pictures was a 9x9 page background i scrapped a while back for my pool album but didnt use. i lifted the whole thing up with chipboard leftovers because i have no popdots left.
ps. i was listening to the bestie boys while scrapping this page.

Monday, May 24, 2010

about template guilt.

ok. so i decided to go all digital.
i have more than one thousand pictures printed and am going back and forth between scrapping those with the paper supplies i have left or just putting them into albums...but that whole issue is best left for another post.
today i was blog-hopping and came across this gem of a blog:

sketches by suzy...check her out!

of course, i quickly downloaded her last templates(cause she does PSD's too!) and am waiting to use it tomorrow when i have a chance to go thru my new digital supplies...the weekend is for picture-taking and supply downloading, you know.
a long time ago, when i paper-scrapped exclusively, i had what i came to know as that point i was scrapping for publications and online kit clubs and i felt like had to be original.
what was i thinking?
now that my scrapbooking is solely for me (as is this blog), i am enjoying the sheer happiness of getting my pictures scrapped for the FUN. and my jumbled thoughts about scrapping in order:)
yup...i said it. scrapping is FUN again.
no more sketch guilt:) i will admit that i do switch things around and sometimes my finished product looks NOTHING like the original file....but man, is it fun....
check this out:

another fave!

it really kicks ass that so many people are willing to take time out from their daily lives to post FREE templates and supplies. the digi-world is beyond generous.

and THAT my friends is it for today:)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

...and i like this one:)

i was fortunate enough to win a g.c to connie prince's store at gotta pixel.
i really like the colorful nature of her digital kits. they are fun, whimsical and above all USEFUL and versatile.
the items i used on this page are all from her i wuff you kit and the template is from her set called maypalloza templates. of course i modified the template a little bit to simplify the design, but other than that i stayed pretty true to it.
i think my puppies is GORGEOUS and i was finally able to really capture his soul with my new canon rebel dslr.
the Lord has blessed me with wonderful material things that i can use to save the moments:)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life In 2010 vol.1

Click here to view this photo book larger

this is mayfest.

every year our church and parochial school have a mayfest to raise funds for the organization.
and every year i dread it.
the hours are long, we have to work 5 days and the kids roaming the grounds are a nightmare.
did i mention the hours were long?
as much as i can't stand the thought of being stuck in one place for 5-6 hours, it can bring good memories.
this is my friend patience. and her name is well earned:)
she has four children under nine and is a R.N. at one of our local hospitals.
patience and her husband, tony have become very good friends...always there to lend a hand without fail.
we are blessed to count them in our very limited circle of friends.
yesterday we were working the money wheel and we had some very stimulating conversatin with the rest of the parents who were there with us.
so i guess that HAVING to work the mayfest isn't that bad?
will be taking pictures and posting some pages soon.
i am minimizing BIG time:)
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i was listening to the paperclipping roundtable podcast today.

the discussion totally blew my mind. i have been pondering these same issues over and over. thinking of where i am in my scrapping and where i want to be.

the big issues are:
space. i have none.
budget. i have none of that either.
scrapaddiction. i am over the paper craving. my used to be love of paper is just gone.fizzled

so where does that leave me in the grand scheme of things. the BIG PICTURE if you will?

a version of this:
totally AWESOME photo books.
GOD, i wish i had the extra $ to take her class.

or maybe this:
another idea i wish i had thought of:)
and i actually am implementing in my april/june shutter book, aka our life in picture vol.1

wishing to take this:
summer template class= AWESOME!

loving this idea and the freebies...the digital community is SO GENEROUS!
little dreamer design apprentice

my go to place for the right amount of classical/whimsy:

i LOVE the idea of finished photobooks. no more page protectors. no more albums to buy. no more clunky books to look at. no more paper and no more mess:)

my new camera is begging to be used. the fear of having more images that i want to print is paralyzing. i have 2 folders full of pictures of my gorgeous new nephew and beautiful pics of my girls.
nevermind all the paperstuff i have left.

feeling the need to document, yet simplify. declutter, but still hold on to the memories.
any ideas?

trying to do some challenges:)

since i am pretty much doing all digi with my current pictures, i have been trying to look for challenges that will motivate me with using my moderate digi-stash.
for the last few months i have been purchasing the dailyfiles from 
ONLY FIVE DOLLARS! you get a wonderful sampling of different designers for close to nothing:)
this month's challenge was to use the following items from the files:

After5 – nbeaudreau_heartofnature_pp
Connie Prince – cap_ohappyday-paper9
Cinzia – CinziaL_HelloSpring_Elements_Flower4
Jennifer Fox – jfox-tomorrowsanotherday-solid9
Kitschy Digitals – ButterflySewingPin
Kelley Mickus – kmickus-beautifulyou-frame2
Scrapping with Liz – ZineTemp1 – *OPTIONAL

this is what i came up with. i modified the template a little to accomodate all the pictures and to be able to tell the story, plus i added a few staples from the kelly minkus kit:). the page came out AWESOME! i only wish that there were more challenges like this:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Taking a breather:)

not sure if i want to continue blogging...but decided to leave the contents up.
life is hectic with so many new things to learn and experience...
maybe i will be back tomorrow or next week...or next year.
until then thanxs for checking in:)))

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

catching up with pics:)

template from super modified.
paper and elelments: monalisasmiles
title: aliedwards @designerdigitals.
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more Kraft LOve.

i found a little photocorner sizzix diecut for .50 at acmoore. i LOVE it:)
all the hearts were in a baggie in my stash.

misc. pretties used and out of the stash:)
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the kraft LOVE:)

i went to M's and found a pack of kraft cardstock:)
and i went to town with the SU stuff.

fun with SU pretties:)
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May Card Challenge:)

after i closed my yahoogroup, my friends bonnie and sara started a new one...YAY!
as a part of the challenges we were sent a card kit. all the little thingsies were in a very COOL:)
this is what i came up with.
i wish i could think of these things on my own:)

and a little detail:)))
thanxs guys for the CARD PUSH:))) LOL
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Monday, May 3, 2010

my doggie boy:)

template: unknown.
paper and elements: designhousedigital
brush: designerdigitals
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

i used to have a whole room:)

and this is what is left:)
and this:)
and this is my space. everything goes back into it's place when i am done for the day.
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a few cards:)

a little bit of kraft, some leftovers and SU stamps:)
simple, yet effective!
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another one from the pile:)

and embellished with, again, the world's oldest scrapbook materials:)
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from this to this:)

i made a bunch of background the other day to use up this ki paper. after finishing the backgrounds i slapped some pics on them and put them in a pile.

i embellished a few this morning and this one result. cool beans ey?
of course, the embellishments are older than King Tut...but i like the results and that is fine by me!

paper pages and using it up.

i am on a massive budget and have been for a while now. while purging my supplies in the last year or so, i fund a lot of stuff i didnt like anymore and other things that i JUST LOVED.
jolees have always been a bit of a love/hate thing for me. there are days when i want to have that cutesy fun look, but i have been a clean scrapper for so long that it is hard for me to incorporate them.
but i LIKE them ...and i have them so they are getting used in this page.
i made a little tab with my trusty sizzix tab, plus a cute little jolee sticker with a word sticker from the worlds oldest sticker sheet:)
the epoxy sticker is old too, and the paper is old kimemories:)
it is possible to scrap on a budget and LOVE it:)
and the paper stash keeps going down and down and down.

last of the found pictures:)

used a template from the daily
paper and elements from DHD.
i am off to finish som epaper pages from yesterday:)