Monday, May 24, 2010

about template guilt.

ok. so i decided to go all digital.
i have more than one thousand pictures printed and am going back and forth between scrapping those with the paper supplies i have left or just putting them into albums...but that whole issue is best left for another post.
today i was blog-hopping and came across this gem of a blog:

sketches by suzy...check her out!

of course, i quickly downloaded her last templates(cause she does PSD's too!) and am waiting to use it tomorrow when i have a chance to go thru my new digital supplies...the weekend is for picture-taking and supply downloading, you know.
a long time ago, when i paper-scrapped exclusively, i had what i came to know as that point i was scrapping for publications and online kit clubs and i felt like had to be original.
what was i thinking?
now that my scrapbooking is solely for me (as is this blog), i am enjoying the sheer happiness of getting my pictures scrapped for the FUN. and my jumbled thoughts about scrapping in order:)
yup...i said it. scrapping is FUN again.
no more sketch guilt:) i will admit that i do switch things around and sometimes my finished product looks NOTHING like the original file....but man, is it fun....
check this out:

another fave!

it really kicks ass that so many people are willing to take time out from their daily lives to post FREE templates and supplies. the digi-world is beyond generous.

and THAT my friends is it for today:)

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