Sunday, May 23, 2010

...and i like this one:)

i was fortunate enough to win a g.c to connie prince's store at gotta pixel.
i really like the colorful nature of her digital kits. they are fun, whimsical and above all USEFUL and versatile.
the items i used on this page are all from her i wuff you kit and the template is from her set called maypalloza templates. of course i modified the template a little bit to simplify the design, but other than that i stayed pretty true to it.
i think my puppies is GORGEOUS and i was finally able to really capture his soul with my new canon rebel dslr.
the Lord has blessed me with wonderful material things that i can use to save the moments:)


Jmkdreak said...

Great pictures of your dog! the layout is awesome too Ari!

Ari Vega-Macias said...

thanxs mama!