Thursday, December 30, 2010

getting stuff done.

...because i NEED to get something to do other than clean and declutter.
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someone stop me:)

i seriously LOVE this set of biograffiti templates.
need to keep myself occupied because i am almost about to lose my mind.
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A plan for 2011

As I furiously try to come up with ideas and tacticS for tackling the never-ending stream of pictures, I came up with some ideas. Just wanted to jog them down before they escape.

1. All my new pictures will be done digitally. It is just easier to keep up with and i will be able to get newer, fresher product. Also it works well with my add/OCD type a personality.

2. So what do I do with all the supplies I have accumulated thru the years? My plan is to scrap the pictures I already have printed. I really have to be cautious though, because there is only so much space in my house for bigger albums. I will probably be doing lots of catch up type pages.

3. Another goal I have set for myself is to make more cards and tabs and things of the sort to use up my supplies. I miss the feel of paper from time to time, so it will be fun to see where that takes me. I have no illusions of becoming a grand artiste though, just want to see where the road takes me.

4. Budget is going to be a BIG factor again this year. I need to sit down and evaluate the $$$ aspect of the hobby again. By doing this I was able to successfully kick the paper habit last year, so I am hoping to stay on track.

Here's To another good year...may it be better than the last.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

biograffiti freebies:)

i love the fun colors and the cool template.
freebies RULE!
the stickers are also a freebie from tiffany tillman @ DHD.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

working the quickpages:)

one of the things i love to do is work with quickpages and making them my own. sometimes the pages have a lot of elaborate detailing so in order to keep the integrity of the page and add more pictures you have to work around the design a little. kind of like a puzzle, kwim?
the quickpage is by cinzia loosemore and i added the 2 columns of pictures and the lettering.
i LOVE the result.

little annalyse:)

templates by biograffiti
elements from cinzia loosemore and karla dudley:)
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i like these templates!!!!!

i am using these templates for the pictures that need a LOT of journaling or none at all:)
sometimes you just want to get those pictures scrapped and done, kwim?
read more here:
my life, my story:)

i love these. they are a great alternative to the project 365/ project life type deals.
i was contemplating getting the project life kit from becky higgins, but i KNOW i wont follow it thru, just because i am loving digital so much.
it's ALL about simplifying and getting the stories done:)

one more christmas page:)

one more page:)

finished christmas pages.

i am trying to get my christmas pictures done and finished this week so i can order my holiday photobook.
all my pages are made with cinzia loosemore's i believe kit. SO PRETTY.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


i am really liking this template set from biograffiti.
sometimes i am just not into being artsy and messing with stuff. i just want to get the pictures down and document.
this is very nice:)
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

wedding pages.

i love these jenn lindsey templates for wedding pages:)
and surprise! a karla dudley kit:) i am working my way thru 600+ images from this wedding.

a 2 page spread.
template by mandagirl, kit from karla dudley:)
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one last page:)

and i need to retire this kit, because i am wearing it out:)
i love the colors!
template by biografitti
kit by karla dudley
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catch up:)

i decided to forget about december daily and just make a december book.
some of the pages are mismatched, but it is OK:)

using up some old templates. this one is from biografitti.
paper and elements from miss karla dudley.
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Plan of attack for next year:)

for next year:

i am using this set of templates for my chronological books:
biograffiti my life-my story.
i love the idea of project life and project 365, but i am not sure how well i can keep those up. also i am going 100% digital in the next year and will be using my paper supplies for cards.

i am also keeping up with my library of memories system for my loose digital pages. it works.

making tons of themed albums to keep up with vacations and stuff. that works too.

my one word for 2011 will be LEARN and i want to be able to learn a lot of new stuff without my scrapping taking over all my time.

it is going to be a good year:)

Friday, December 17, 2010

15: one last page for today:)

freebie template
paper and elements from karla d:)
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15: another page TODAY!

with the AWESOME felis kit from karla dudley:)

15: a quick page:)

paper and elements by karla dudley.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

16: things and stuff.

lots of things on my mind:

* my one little word for 2011 will be: LEARN.

* i am focusing on my health and well-being.

* i want to grow my little business.

* spending quality time with my kiddos.

* spend quality time with my husband.

* plan the dd #1's quincean~ero.

* continue to streamline my scrapping process.

* i want to learn how to view my cup as being half full and not half empty.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

20: winding down the year:)

quick page made @ dhd speedecraps night.
all stuff from DHD.
i am working on a bunch of photobooks so not much to share these days.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

23: papering again:) yay!

there is really no space for me to paper scrap.
this is the new way i have to scrap. out of plastic boxes. good thing i dont have a lot of stuff left:)

right now i want to scrap my life stories.
all those little things i might forget. the actual decorations are so very secondary now.
lots of prints and seriously? i dont like scanning (unless they are old photos...that's different)

lots of old stuf and using up. felt letters, old ribbon and little taggie thingies.

and i really like this page. i am trying to save up enough $$ to buy some AC 12x12 binders so i can set up a 12x12 library of memories. i have some 50% coupons for this i might go get at least one:)
right now it's all about patching up the holes in our history and keeping up with the present.
it's all good!
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23: kick IT:)

kit from julie billingsley
getting some of the wedding pictures done:)
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

24: papercraftingtoday.

i managed to fit 6 4x6 pictures by cropping them a little.
and i wound up covering up my pattern paper. awwwwww MAN.
and i broke out the misc. letter boxes to create this title.

journaled a little bit on the side, mainly because i cant remember what happened:)

and this are the bits and pieces that are going into the garbage.
go ME!

24: ahhhhh...the digi:)

i sure do love digital scrapping.

template by mscraps (freebie)
paper and elements by jennbarrette (goodmother kit)

december daily for the 7th.
template by  cindy schneider
paper and elements from cinzia loosemore.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

25: variations on a template.

i love the daily digi
so much AWESOME content and the supplies available there are TOP-NOTCH, not to mention super inexpensive.
today there was a great article on balance and design by joey manwarren. usually this type of stuff goes right over my head, but this article is GOOD!
anyways, here are 2 variations on the same template with a freebie from one of my favorite designers, joyce paul designs.

love how clean crisp the lines are on this template.
i am trying to get at least two layouts out of my freebies before they come into the garbage.
this one is DONE:)