Thursday, December 9, 2010

23: papering again:) yay!

there is really no space for me to paper scrap.
this is the new way i have to scrap. out of plastic boxes. good thing i dont have a lot of stuff left:)

right now i want to scrap my life stories.
all those little things i might forget. the actual decorations are so very secondary now.
lots of prints and seriously? i dont like scanning (unless they are old photos...that's different)

lots of old stuf and using up. felt letters, old ribbon and little taggie thingies.

and i really like this page. i am trying to save up enough $$ to buy some AC 12x12 binders so i can set up a 12x12 library of memories. i have some 50% coupons for this i might go get at least one:)
right now it's all about patching up the holes in our history and keeping up with the present.
it's all good!
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