Sunday, February 27, 2011

daybook for february.

i will not miss this february when it is gone:)

FOR TODAY * feb. 27. 2011*
Outside my the same view as every other day...only today it is SUNNY:)
I am thinking...that i need to get up and get ready for the day (or whatever is left of it).
I am thankful for... winter recess and that the girls got some days off.
From the learning rooms...(if this applies)...still working on the photography thing.
From the kitchen...the hubby made breakfast: spam and pancakes. 
I am wearing... my pj's. still need to get up and take a shower.
I am pages.
I am take a shower.
I am reading...demon girl (freebie from B&N)
I am get a flip camera.
I am right now. i heart dave grohl.
Around the a LOT of laundry still to be done.
One of my favorite my macbookpro. best gift EVER!
A few plans for the rest of the week: getting the girls rooms done. have to buy some new furniture @ ikea.

old pictures:)

now that i know how to fix my pictures i have been going back:)
these pictures came out very dark (they were 35 mm)
it is hard to believe that that was devyn once upon a time..sigh.
templates: biograffiti and tiffany tillman
title: jennifer barrette
papers and embelishments: susan bartolini @ sweete shoppe designs.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

important pages:)

such an important and timely message:
anna aspnes' blog:)
download the free(!) quote and use it on a page.
about your children, about yourself, about someone you love:)
we don't hear it enough.
you ARE beautiful,  just the way you are:)
kit by wm squared via the daily

on my mind today:

  • watched paranormal activity #2 last nite. enjoyed more than i should have:)
  • still have tons of laundry. do not feel the need to go to the basement. ugh.
  • clutter is my arch-enemy. i shall defeat you.
  • finally got the appts. caught up. all we need is dental for zoe and devyn and we are done!
  • new glasses yesterday. surprise, surprise: i need READING glasses! yup.
  • zoe is doing AWESOME with new allergy medications. no itching, lots of sleep.
  • winter recess is over! the kids are finally all healthy and ready to go to school.
  • on my fifth no chocolate day.
  • we solved lots of problems this week and got caught up with SO many things that were on my mind. i can breathe a little easier for the time being.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Boy Pages and paper to boot.

using up a bunch of boy looking stuff:)

making the stuff work:)

12x12 page. yes...i can still do those:)

a row of cutouts from super old paper

equals a bunch of pages starring the dh:) now that i am getting "caught up" i can see where the holes in our history are.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

paper-ing today.

i need to use up the paper and the printed pictures.

plus i have to document the hubby. he has few pages other than the military stuff.

i printed out a cathy zielske journal block.
and promptly cut it up:)
and stapled it.

lots of white letters stickers.
and this is done:)
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process: sebastian edition:)

a super cool freebie template from mandagirl.

i modified it because tilting pictures make my ocd wacky:) i also wanted the images a little bigger.

i processed the pictures with one of my favorite actions: sunny pop from the coffeeshop.
i also added a little contrast.

next i searched for a happy kit.
most of my purchases are very generic, so i really didn't have something specifically for toys.
this kit from cinzia had the right colors and happy elements:)

as the last touches i added a tab at the top of the focal pictures, a play brush that i stroked with black and a cute little camera sticker.
note that the details are in a visual triangle...i've been doing this so long i didn't even notice!
i LOVE the resulting page.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

right now:

  • i jumped over a huge hurdle today.
  • am on day two of quitting goobers. it is not going so good. cold turkey=unhappy me.
  • listened to the paper roundtable podcast.
  • charging my ipad so i can catch up on my blogs.
  • picked up a few digital pages @ costco. sooooooooo expensive, but sooooo nice.
  • watching my puppy sleep. i want to sleep like he does.
  • off the computer for today and going to bed early. 
  • tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

and with this page i am officially....

caught up with ALL my current pictures.
i have ZERO new pics.
just as of today though:)
elements and papers: allison kimball ( love her stuff, it is always sooooo FUN!!)
template by lreider.
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the end result of my wedding pictures.

i printed this album as a 12x12 for my hubby's cousins.
ohhhhhhhh it is so pretty:)

book printed by shutterfly
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trying to stay on top of my project life.
i am really liking it so far.

there are weeks when i do not take a lot of pictures.
others i take tons.
a bunch of digital pages that i have to wait to print.

still learning to use the manual modes on my dslr.
keeping bits and pieces of paper is a cool thing without having to make full pages.
and at the end of the year i will be able to loook thru it and reminisce.
i've been doing that a lot lately:)
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

another pencillines template.

all papers and elements by jenn barrette.
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the is no baby boy cuter than this:)

isn't he precious?
i know, i know:)
a bunch of stuff used on this pages, including the ONE paper from katie pertiet with the little sailboat that i wanted to use forever!!!

hybrid: cause i can:)

this is like the world's oldest 7gypsies paper:)
i just happened to have it on the desk after i used a little on a spread in my project life album.
what's a girl to do but use it up?

after i got this page back from persnicketyprints, it was just missing something.

the corner punch got a work while i made a bunch of scallops on the edge and then i pop-dotted the whole page of the background.
ps...the 7gypsies was layered on red cardstock.
a little piece of kimemories word stickers was added to the top as a tab and that was all she wrote.
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My Process:) beach edition.

here is the original template from
one of my goals this year is to make use of ALL the wonderful freebies that are available on the internet.
there is SO much out there.
i am grateful to all the digital artists that extend all ths awesomeness for us to download.

so, of course, i can't leave the template as is.
i moved things around and made the photo holders bigger. i also added a few drop shadows to give the pictures some depth.
this is what it looked like after that step.

the pictures were already processed with a little perk action
a focal point mat on the top picture was a good idea i think...i LOVE that picture.
i nudged the elements around a little bit more, made the title bigger and added some journaling.
and it is ALL done.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

our story, our life, v-day dance edition.

can i say it enough times?
 biograffitti's templates are the bestest for documenting lots of pictures quickly and AWESOMELY!
love them!

page for today:)

really quick cause i am on a roll:)
template by pencillines
paper and elements by joycepaul
brushes by karla dudley.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

one more page:)

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i love this kid so MUCH!

there is absolutely nothing i would not do for her.
she is my blessing and my partner in crime:)
template by
paper and elements by ange via
title and stitches by karladudley
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