Sunday, February 6, 2011

and i continue on my merry way.....

one of the biggest adjustments i had to make when i started digiscrapping was just letting go.
for a long time i was so into the mentality that EVERY page had to be original and that everysinglething had to be born out of my originality.
it was exhausting and cumbersome and sometimes supremely boring.
for the first time in my scrapping hobby i am able to just sit back and enjoy others creativity.
and i can use and adapt and LOVE the pages i am doing.
at this point in my life that is a HUGE aha moment.
instead of waiting for inspiration to strike i am able to scrap a bunch of pages and enjoy the process.
i am journaling more and making pages that are important...not just pretty or full of product.
it is a total 180 from what i was doing before, but is soooooooooooo worth it!!!
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