Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Was my twentieth anniversary. Sounds crazy huh?
On feb.9, 1991 I married a boy that I has only known for about eight months total.
He was totally not my type.I was not looking for a real relationship. I was in my party all the time stage.
I met him at a dance at a church hall. I was slightly tipsy. He was out for a fun nite.
Who knew?
He asked me to dance and we did.
The next day he called me and we spent every moment we could together from then on.
I am pretty sure that it was love at first sight or fate or destiny or something in those lines.
The day I married him was the best day of my life.
We have lived a full life, with craziness and children and dogs and vacations and sickness and heartache, financial troubles and autism and cancer, depression and more operations that you can shake a stick at. We have been thru deployments and work layoffs, disappointments and triumphs, fights and love and above everything else respect for one another.
We are broke most of the time, but our children never want for anything.
He is my rock and my best friend and the biggest pain in the ass I know.
I love him more than my goobers and he knows it.
And my girls know it and someday they will have to find someone to fill his shoes.
It will be a very hard thing indeed.
Thanks for the twenty years, babe.
Even if you snore in my ear every nite.

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