Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project life progression:)

project life has been immensely freeing for me.
i can focus on other things now other than trying to catch up with my scrapping.
like trying to learn digital scrapping & photography.
ok, so i admit i am not the best @ learning tech-y stuff and all the f-stops and shutter thingies make my a.d.d go a little ballistic, but it is all good.
i took this pic of the poochmaster on manual mode
so proud of me:) YAY!
but i went back to auto.
baby steps, people. BABY STEPS!

paper is a 12x12 sheet that was included in the project life kit. letters are some OLD making memories. i love these letters and will probably have a nervous breakdown when they are done.
i have like 5 sheets, so we are good for the moment.
taking life one day @ a time!
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