Monday, August 31, 2009

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Anatomy of a Scraplift Page Three:)

okey dokey here goes:)
this is my third page in the designing with recipes.

this page was quick and easy..all you need is a piece of pattern paper that can be cut into blocks that will reverse the pattern.
i had to piece up my 8.5x11 there was a little more work involved. if you do 12x12 all you have to do is turn the pieces around a bit.
ahhhhh the fun of cutting up paper:) i also inked the edges of the pieces with brown chalk ink.
checking to see if the picture looks ok on the background.
the finished page:) i used mismatched vinyl thickers for the title, vellum for the journaling and i also punched corners from white paper. And since i had my sewing machine out i also zig-zagged the edge of the page. ALL DONE!

page 11

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anatomy of a ScrapliftPart One

page courtesy of Designing with Recipes from Autumn Leaves. this is my second page...just going thru the book in order:)
My supplies: Some misc. stuff i had on my desk after finishing another few pages. nothing goes to waste in this house:) the pattern paper is from the OLD magnolia stack, kiwi kiss ink pad and cardstock base, Unity Dots background stamps and a 5x7. now....everyone who is familiar with my work knows that i am a multiple picture scrapper, so this is WAAAYYYY out of my comfort zone.
but that's the point right?
Stamping the top and bottom of my cardstock and pretty much eyeballing it. here i am cutting my circles with my kick ass old school fiskars shape-cutter thingie. i like knowing where my circles are going to end up:)

Anatomy of a Scrap Lift Part Two

okey here i am trying to figure out where all my paper elements will end up.
adding a few more embellishments as per the original page.

Note that i adapted the page sketch for my smaller 8.5x11 so i overlapped the circles and chipboard embellishments. i have no clue what that chipboard is because i have all my CB in bags in a box by shape.
and this is the finished page:)
i added some OLD vellum stickers for the title on the left chipboard pieces with a little lavender ribbon to bring in the color of zoe's shirt. inking around the edges also gave the elements a little more definition. plus i always journal on vellum because i like my paper to show thru:)

page 10

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Page one from designing with recipes:)

i would post a picture of the actual page from the book with the scrap-lift but i am sure the copy-right police would be after me! LOL
the original page was by kelli crowe.
i used the same circle technique cutting then with my cricut......FUN FUN FUN! instead of going the totally cool yet time consuming twine thing that she she did, i used thin HS tape to tie in the orange.
i could do a one pager, since i have a bunch of random 5x7's....but man is it hard. all the unused space. EEEKKKKKKKKK.

page 8
and this was a fast page using the same papers .
man, does this feel like forever ago.
first page i have done of my mami since she passed away.
page 9

New Goals, New Challenges:)

ok. so i am on my 100 pages part deux and i am not doing really good time.
so to up the ante and give me a goal, i am going to scrap-lift every single page on the designing with recipes book.
i can DO IT!!!!!
without buying any new supplies.
be on the look out!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

more rescues:)

bad pics, i know...but i need to get the ball rolling today and i have LOTS of pages to do!
as usual, using up all the stuff i have stored up.
and more rescue pages! i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE scrapping. like seriously!

page 6
page 7

100 pages part deux: the rescue mission.

a long time ago i started scrapping with CM.
i have many 12x12 books that are the typical CM style and will stay that way.
but i found a box of loose pages while cleaning out the clutter the other day and i decided to re-do:)
yes, i know.....the dreaded re-do:)
Now these memories are in my library of memories, instead of an old crappy pizza box (that i threw away, thank you very much).
i was also able to buy new mats for the cricut, 2 way glue and a few more little things i needed for the task at hand.:)

can you tell i LOVED my cm oval cutter? i fixed up the oval, matted it with black and was able to condense two old 12x12 cm pages into one 8.5x11:)
used up some of those MM letter stickers, YEAH ME!
page 4

so this page is just a little funny. but first the technique: i found a font for the scal that has all the nestabilities cuts, so i used the oval scallop for the journal block and the top note cot for the flower paper border:) i also cut the letters and popdotted them.
so, my smallest daughter asks me "mom, why are you doing his wedding since they already got divorced"? so i told her the only thing i could......"because i looked damn good at that wedding, sweets!"
page 5

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

these days......

have been about running around, catching up, putting away and giving to the salvation army.
the dh is on lay-off again this week so we are trying to take it EASSSSSSYYYYY.
lots of stuff to do so i will be on and off sporadically.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

since i am pretty much talking to myself.........

this is pretty much what i look like now.
my dd#3 tried to get one of her patented make me look skinny pictures at MoMA.
right now i thin i need new glasses, plus i need to lose like 40 pounds, but my hair is looking good:)
other things i did i the last few days....
* accumulated another three loads of laundry.
* purchased one ridiculously prettiful christening gown
*  ate a bunch of crap
* obsessed over a ton of things i need to get done.
* slept late
* checked out elise blaha's blog and drooled over her letter press stuff and mini albums
* organized my albums again by date
* looked at my scal program and wished i could scrap more
* tried to figure out how to get my pictures printed when the dh is going on lay-off this week AGAIN.
* dealing with the clutter that is there every single day
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Friday, August 21, 2009

a few use it up 100 pages:)

lost a "t" OOPS! using up some old stickers...reallly old stickers and really old paper. i LOVE it!
page 2
that mesh sticker is older than my kids:) LOL i also pop-dotted the stickers.
old Heidi grace paper with a little trim and a rhonna farrer sticker...remember those?
page 3
i am using up a lot of old stuff. OHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHH!

New Album Storage.

oh BOY...where do i begin?
ok. so my house it SMALL. we have a teeny tiny townhouse in the staten island suburbs. we hardly fit:)
so, the albums need a MAJOR over haul.
i decided to condense all my 8.5x11 albums into one yearly system. since i use binders i can move stuff around if need be.
my theme office binders will stay the same.
here's some visuals. 

pages EVERWHERE.......arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
i used different color thickers for the years. there's a LOT of pages that i need to get out in. these binders will be in the cabinets downstairs. i believe i still have about 10 to go. ACK. the pages were arranged by the girls, but now it will be everything that does not go into a theme book.
my theme albums. i have my travel pages, vacation pages, and other themes. 

i have some many pages it is so not funny. 


will be coming up later. i feel like i am REALLY hungover:)

i am updating my album storage. yikes:)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My artistic girlie:)

all this little girl wanted was to go to MOMA for her birthday. it took a couple of weeks because of scheduling, but we finally took her.
It really is a magical thing seeing her explore, appreciate and just DIG the art.
and her birthday present, as requested, was a poster of Starry Starry Night.
my kid has GOOD taste:)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a brand new start :)

okey dokey!
setting the odometer back to 100.
this time i am determined to not buy anything but adhesive and sheet protectors.
i have also noticed that i tend to scrap trips and special occasion (like weddings, religious events) more than anything else. Restructuring that is going to take some time.
my plan is to make a separate series of books with the girls pages, plus the everyday stuff around the house thrown in. it is going to have to be chrono too.
Part of my new thinking is accepting the fact that i am and always will be the family historian.
Even though i am not taking nearly as many pictures as i used to, i want to believe that it is all quantity vs. quality:) LOLOLOLOL
so i give you page #1.
a re-do of the world's ugliest 12x12 page starring the dh and his other wife:)
i used the leftovers of the magnolia scrap pad i had on the table before i cleared it off to make way for the barrage of new xmas pages. PLUS i am using up the Thickers stash:)
fun times people....FUN TIMES!

100 pages FINISHED!!!!!!!

well...That's a WRAP!
i finished 100 scrapbooking pages without buying ANY major supplies:)
so i maybe cheated a little...BUT i ended up passing on a lot of things that might have tempted me before.
i also think my buying habits have changed thru the process. no more impulse buying for SURE.
it took me 2 months and a LOT of research before finally purchasing the SCAL software and i LOVE IT! 

a page from my 12x12 rescue. can you believe i only have like 3 of those left? it felt like such a HUGE undertaking. these three pics were on a big ol' 12x12 page
i used the pharmacy font for this one. i LOVE the scal software. did i say that before?
page 99
and a title page for the division in my christmas binders. i used some SU paper and a lttle scrap of something, plus some vinyl thickers for the numbers.

and THAT my friends is the end of the first phase of 100 pages:)

i just started on my next 100 too:) but this time thee will be NO spending at all except adhesive and sheet protectors. i can't WAIT!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Page 98!

i am ripping thru my stack of magnolia paper like CRAZY! i just truly love the colors.
used my scal/cricut to cut the top note in back of the the top picture. also used some moldy oldy MM rub-on's for the title.
i got a new black pen yesterday and i am CELEBRATING!!!! WOOHOOOO!
more later. i am just getting started. the dh is on a fishing trip and i only have laundry to do:)

Last scrap area view:)

sara's pile of stuff just keeps getting bigger:)
dies cut stuff in a drawer.
punches next to my erotic statue:) LOL
recycled plastic boxes full of markers, ribbons, chipboard and the like:)
and one ikea box fits ALL my pattern paper:) it took me a while to get it to a manageable state, but i did!

like i said...not pretty, but super functional:)))) Thanxs for looking thru.

drawers:) not the underwear kind either:)

i am more of a dump the container and them sort thru it kinda girl:)
this is the best system for me since i usually place pictures on my pages and the fill in the embellishments.
for example i have all my ki little pieces of paper thingies in one container, ALL my elelets and sanps in another, epoxies, metals...that sort of thing.

this is the junk drawer where i throw everything that doesn't fit anywhere else:)
another bunch of containers
SU inks.
papertrey paper, inks and colorbox chalks:)

Because change is good:)

it ain't prettiful, but it functions like a workhorse!
say hello to my little space.

the oldest ikea desk still in use in all of the US OF A. i have a cork bulletin board on it as a work area. 
ok...there's my puke bucket (just kidding,  use it for garbage) the blue box has my older pictures and the other box i cant remember:)
all my embellishments and inks are in the drawers( again, the oldest living iris drawers), 8.5x11 cardstock is in the plastic file box by color families and my tools.
another view of the expedit:) i have a big tub of letter stickers, a file with 12x12 pages to redo, paper tray storing my 12x12 pages to keep and my old sizzix machine.
plastic files folders hold stickers by theme, boxes contain stamps, adhesives,rub-on's, paper scraps (not many though), a file envelope with SU scraps by color family and another locker type box with smaller letters stickers

sometimes i forget what is in each box, but since i put like items together it makes life easier:)

more on the top post!!!