Wednesday, August 26, 2009

100 pages part deux: the rescue mission.

a long time ago i started scrapping with CM.
i have many 12x12 books that are the typical CM style and will stay that way.
but i found a box of loose pages while cleaning out the clutter the other day and i decided to re-do:)
yes, i know.....the dreaded re-do:)
Now these memories are in my library of memories, instead of an old crappy pizza box (that i threw away, thank you very much).
i was also able to buy new mats for the cricut, 2 way glue and a few more little things i needed for the task at hand.:)

can you tell i LOVED my cm oval cutter? i fixed up the oval, matted it with black and was able to condense two old 12x12 cm pages into one 8.5x11:)
used up some of those MM letter stickers, YEAH ME!
page 4

so this page is just a little funny. but first the technique: i found a font for the scal that has all the nestabilities cuts, so i used the oval scallop for the journal block and the top note cot for the flower paper border:) i also cut the letters and popdotted them.
so, my smallest daughter asks me "mom, why are you doing his wedding since they already got divorced"? so i told her the only thing i could......"because i looked damn good at that wedding, sweets!"
page 5

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thinkscrap said...

great job on your rescue mission...i wish we could see before pics =)
too funny on the last few sentences!!