Sunday, August 16, 2009

Because change is good:)

it ain't prettiful, but it functions like a workhorse!
say hello to my little space.

the oldest ikea desk still in use in all of the US OF A. i have a cork bulletin board on it as a work area. 
ok...there's my puke bucket (just kidding,  use it for garbage) the blue box has my older pictures and the other box i cant remember:)
all my embellishments and inks are in the drawers( again, the oldest living iris drawers), 8.5x11 cardstock is in the plastic file box by color families and my tools.
another view of the expedit:) i have a big tub of letter stickers, a file with 12x12 pages to redo, paper tray storing my 12x12 pages to keep and my old sizzix machine.
plastic files folders hold stickers by theme, boxes contain stamps, adhesives,rub-on's, paper scraps (not many though), a file envelope with SU scraps by color family and another locker type box with smaller letters stickers

sometimes i forget what is in each box, but since i put like items together it makes life easier:)

more on the top post!!! 

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Jmkdreak said...

Looks great Ari!
I need to figure out a system.
Where are all your pictures at?