Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a brand new start :)

okey dokey!
setting the odometer back to 100.
this time i am determined to not buy anything but adhesive and sheet protectors.
i have also noticed that i tend to scrap trips and special occasion (like weddings, religious events) more than anything else. Restructuring that is going to take some time.
my plan is to make a separate series of books with the girls pages, plus the everyday stuff around the house thrown in. it is going to have to be chrono too.
Part of my new thinking is accepting the fact that i am and always will be the family historian.
Even though i am not taking nearly as many pictures as i used to, i want to believe that it is all quantity vs. quality:) LOLOLOLOL
so i give you page #1.
a re-do of the world's ugliest 12x12 page starring the dh and his other wife:)
i used the leftovers of the magnolia scrap pad i had on the table before i cleared it off to make way for the barrage of new xmas pages. PLUS i am using up the Thickers stash:)
fun times people....FUN TIMES!

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