Tuesday, August 18, 2009

100 pages FINISHED!!!!!!!

well...That's a WRAP!
i finished 100 scrapbooking pages without buying ANY major supplies:)
so i maybe cheated a little...BUT i ended up passing on a lot of things that might have tempted me before.
i also think my buying habits have changed thru the process. no more impulse buying for SURE.
it took me 2 months and a LOT of research before finally purchasing the SCAL software and i LOVE IT! 

a page from my 12x12 rescue. can you believe i only have like 3 of those left? it felt like such a HUGE undertaking. these three pics were on a big ol' 12x12 page
i used the pharmacy font for this one. i LOVE the scal software. did i say that before?
page 99
and a title page for the division in my christmas binders. i used some SU paper and a lttle scrap of something, plus some vinyl thickers for the numbers.

and THAT my friends is the end of the first phase of 100 pages:)

i just started on my next 100 too:) but this time thee will be NO spending at all except adhesive and sheet protectors. i can't WAIT!


hannah said...

Congrats Ari!


grandmabonnie said...

Took a look through your 100 pages, it's exciting. I am hoping that by the end of this month i will be able to do some exciting things with my scrapbooking too.