Wednesday, September 30, 2009

AWWWWWWWWW that face:)

isn't she a YUMMY little cookie? TOO TOO BEAUTIFUL!
and this is the END of this paper:) it is all done done DONE!!!!

still using the three bugs:)

for some reason my camera's colors are WAYYYYYYY off. i need another one for sure:)

more wedding pictures:) LOL

Mojo Monday# 106:)

using up the last of this paper:) i am so happy it is done!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


yup...i am HAPPY that i am almost thru with this three bugs tired of it already:)
easy peasy fast grid page.

The Best Part:)

using up the three bugs:) title was cute with the smiley monster font that looks just like another letter sticker, but i forgot which one:)
really simple 2 page spread that maximizes the photo usage:) MY FAVORITE kind!

Raspberry Color Suite Color Challenge #17

WOW! i haven't done a color challenge in a LOOONGGGGGG time:) this one is from Raspberry Suite:

I used SU kraft cardstock, PTI dot paper in Dark Chocolate, PTI ink in Dark Chocolate, PTI cardstock in Aqua Mist and Pure Poppy. Sizzix dies, cuttlebug embossing plate, ribbon from the dollar store, hero arts french script stamp and few photo corners in a cream color.
My yahoo group was just discussing how scrapping seems to be going back to the basics, with lots of cardstock and fewer pattern paper. i wanted to try the idea of making a faux embossed paper using diecuts in the same color cardstock and it worked really well. Will be using the idea again son:)

Three BUGS:)

A few pages from the last few days. still on WW. day #4 and i wishing i had some chocolate:) LOL. pages 31-33:)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

i LIKE this page:)

i like the colors...i like that i got some pictures of me on there. i love that it is mis-matchy and yet it is me:) and i like that i am writing my stories.

more three bugs. and more of the never ending wedding pictures:)
i used Kristina Werners journaling shaped from 2 peas for the label.
did i mention i love my scal/cricut thingie?
page 29

the first of the Three Bugs

yup. i am scrapping some pictures of me. inspired by a page by ali edwards in the new CK.
due, i am soooooooooooo using up this stuff:)
page 28

Thursday, September 24, 2009

a quick little project:)

i found this little calendar in one of the baskets i was going thru yesterday.  i am using it to keep track of the movies and books i am watching and reading:)

Dad and Puppy:)

ok....puppy love coming up:)
same supplies as the last few pages. i LOVE these pictures. my two favorite boys!
page 27

MoMA store:)

i am totally committed to using ONLY the paper i have at hand. no more paper buying for this chick...i KICKED the habit. and i even completed a ONE PICTURE page? yup...i am growing:)
all supplies old: DCWV Green STack 8x8 pattern paper, SU tangerine tango and ink, unity stamps.
the letters are cut with my SCAL/Cricut.
page 26

Dance Fete 2002

this is another re-do page. formerly a 2 page 8.5x11 spread, i was able to get all the pics onto one page. i used DCVW 8x8 paper from the Green Stack, papertrey Dark Chocolate CS and ink for the background and some old doodlebug ( i think) letter stickers. the cardstock was stamped with a unity stamp, plus some PTI Dark Chocolate ink. a little ribbon and it was all done:)
page 24

FUGLY REDO pages:)

a new bunch of fugly pages to re-do and condense:) YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! does it ever end? LOL

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cricut/Scal RULES! Part One:)

Okey Dokey:)
i finished setting up the tables AGAIN, so i finished a page:)
the file is used for the cricut/scal shape below is from 2peas:
i also used DCWV pattern paper, SU cardstock and ink and unity stamps:) FUN FUN FUN!

stamped a border around the pages.

Distressed the edges of the 8x8 cardstock. i find myself buying the smaller sized pattern paper since i do not work with 12x12 anymore. better storage too:) LOL

placing the diecuts made with the cricut/scal.

figuring out where it all goes.

Cricut SCAL rules:) part Two!


where to put the lovely flowers?

i needed a little tab up there for the visual triangle thing:)

close-up of the diecut:)

and the finished page:) i am taking a nap now:))))) LOL
page 25

Monday, September 21, 2009

Photo Album Scrapbook part 1:)

i think i like this.
thanxs miss stacy julian.
i used an old album i had lying around, bg boxer paper and a bunch of old stuff as usual. it is not done yet....but it is done to a point where i can show it to people and it looks pretty:)
i was able to put in 125 prints with some space for some more if i decide to crope some a pu them on the pattern paper.
i can see doing this with the never ending vacation pictures, special events etc. FUN!!!!!!!!

Photo Album Scrapbook part 2:)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Photo Album Scrapbooking ala SJ:) i am on a quest to get as many of my pictures scrapped in a meaningful way and as soon as possible.

enter this wonderful, inspiring, AWESOME lady:

there is even a previous special edition from the now gone Simple Scrapbooks magazine.

i have a GAZILLION pictures from my beloved brother's wedding, like seriously. and i am on a a NO dollars budget. so i pulled myself together. gathered up an old 2-up album and got to work.

i am still slicing up pictures and putting them in slots. after i finish that i will fill in the spaces with cardstock paper and the like. that 6x6 pad of BG boxer paper will be done by the time i am thru. and i will have a cool beans album all done.

hopefully it will be done ASAP. i LIKE looking thru those pics:)))))

so thanxs Miss J:) you have saved the day. AGAIN!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long time No pages:)

it's been one of those crazy, wacky weeks where i have just not caught a break.
i actually had to take a breather to get these two pages done this morning.

pages done with leftovers from the last pages:) can you tell i REALLY liked this color combo? the loopy border was made with my scal and cricut combo.
page 22
old pics, older supplies. used up some embellishments. fun, fun times:)
page 23

a few close-ups of the use it up embellies.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a bunch of old stuff:)

are you ready for all the old stuff? cause you will be seeing a LOT of it:)

an old page redo. check out the ABS! LOL. that's the dh with the two oldest. lots of old stuff on this page.
page 18
a page with the last of the pink/yellow paper from who knows where. i didnt want to crop the pics too much because there are a lot of old details from our old life:) that's actually my almost 13 year old in the pictures:)))))
page 19
the POOCHY:) 'nuff said.
page 20
a school page of my miss zoe zorro. i borrowed the color palette from:

i am almost positive the brown pattern paper is OLD SU, plus some SU kraft. PTI summer sunrise and unity stampage.
page 21

Confessions of a Hoarder:)

if you look thru my blog you will see all the various stages that my scrapbooking stash has gone thru.
from stacks upon stacks of 12x12 paper to boxes and boxes of embellishments that gathered dust.
i have collected and stashed away and have gotten that HIGH from getting a box of new more more than once. it is not different than any other addiction. it is a compulsion. for me, it became unhealthy.
so i cut it all out. i stopped buying. i stopped following the trends. the few purchases i have made were things that were re-usable, like stamps or tools. i use my 40-50% coupons for adhesive. i have no idea what is trendy or new or fashionable.
and you know what? i like it that way.
i guess i had to go cold turkey.
now i can go to michael's, get some adhesive and be able to walk away:)
it is a good feeling.
new old stash pages coming soon:)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

quite a bit of scraplifting.

i am committed to finish up with the designing with recipes book.
these are todays projects.
the paper is older than my mother. sandylion old.

used the scal and bling bazzill on this one.
page 15

Turned this one into a one pager.
i can only waste so much space you know! 
more old stuff. like lots of old stash:)
page 16

and the final one. changed it up a bit though:)
page 17

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays:) #1

this is prototype #1 for the cousins' wedding invite and favor.
i used my leftover BG ambrosia because that is one of the the color schemes we may go with.
the invitation is an idea i found on youtube and the little favor box is a scut file from 

hope you like today's little teeny post. i am going to enjoy the silence. kids are back at school:)