Friday, September 18, 2009

Photo Album Scrapbooking ala SJ:) i am on a quest to get as many of my pictures scrapped in a meaningful way and as soon as possible.

enter this wonderful, inspiring, AWESOME lady:

there is even a previous special edition from the now gone Simple Scrapbooks magazine.

i have a GAZILLION pictures from my beloved brother's wedding, like seriously. and i am on a a NO dollars budget. so i pulled myself together. gathered up an old 2-up album and got to work.

i am still slicing up pictures and putting them in slots. after i finish that i will fill in the spaces with cardstock paper and the like. that 6x6 pad of BG boxer paper will be done by the time i am thru. and i will have a cool beans album all done.

hopefully it will be done ASAP. i LIKE looking thru those pics:)))))

so thanxs Miss J:) you have saved the day. AGAIN!

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