Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays:) #1

this is prototype #1 for the cousins' wedding invite and favor.
i used my leftover BG ambrosia because that is one of the the color schemes we may go with.
the invitation is an idea i found on youtube and the little favor box is a scut file from 

hope you like today's little teeny post. i am going to enjoy the silence. kids are back at school:)


hannah said...

love it Ari, the invite is so classy. Andrea

twinkles11 said...

love the idea... what would you use to put inside the favor boxes? kisses, m&m's or almonds. nice stuff. eva

Ari Vega-Macias said...

i am thinking of a glassine envelope with mexican wedding cookies? the bride is from mexico:)