Thursday, September 25, 2008

continuation of the SEI useitup:)

....and it continues:) i still have a fw sheets left. so i will be posting more tomorrow!

The SEI useitup:)

all these page are part of my useitup marathon for this year.  i was able to use SEI Granny's kitchen AND a bunch of mini-memories paper from God knows when. If i keep going at this rate there will be NO stash left at all by the new year:) hope you enjoy!...and scrapping the old stuff? it can totally be done. Just enjoy the journey!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i LOVE scrapbooking:)

....because you can go from a pile of paper and pretty things to a pile of documented memories:)
the top pictures is my new use it up pile. the second is a finished bunch of pages and cards.

Cards from leftovers:)

more useitup cards from my ever dwindling stash:)

When i say USEITUP:)

.....i mean it! These projects were made with a bunch of paper adventures papers from a bazillion years ago. i added a few embellishments and BOOM. done!

the rest of the stuff:)

more useitup from the last few days:)

Halloween and Christmas Part Deux:)

all these pages are a part of my massive useitup nobuying spendingfreeze initiative.
i am going on a few months of no buying:)...well except the odd thing here and there. and adhesive:)

Halloween and Christmas Pages:) there will be many many pics coming up in these posts:)
i haven't had time to upload anything this last here i go:)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

so here i am:)

that's me in the first pic:)courtesy of photobooth.
and a summer page and my new lovely little niece (well...kinda, her dad is G's cousin first removed....or something to that eeffect, spanish families you know:) 
i am really REALLY trying to keep up the blogging.
Stuff that has happened in the last few weeks, bullet point style:
*went to the hospital, stayed in the hospital because of a kidney stone.
*came back home to the usual back to school stress.
*kiddos are safely entrenched in the school routine.
*attended first kid party of the season. barely made it out of chuck e cheese alive.
*going back for a second surgery on thursday.
*converted to the Stacy Julian Library of Memories method of scrapping. 
*scrapped a gazillion pages in between all the mess that is my chaotic life.
and that's it in a nutshell......

Friday, September 5, 2008

Paper Storage:) i have had a few people ask me about my storage, so here goes:)

a long long long time ago i had a LOT of stuff. It was just a LITTLE bit overwhelming, to the point where i just  used current kits and left the stash to collect dust.
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) my family was forced kicking and screaming into budget mode. Lucky for me i had a bit of stash built up. After i edited and downsized to the things that i KNEW i would eventually use i was left with just core pieces. AND I LOVE IT!
All my paper is concentrated in 2 places, my expedite bookcase and a rubbermaid box for my 8.5x11 paper.
Pattern paper is in the first 2 paper tray stacks and the third stack is 12x12 cardstock. My KI paper is separated into page managers. Works pretty well i think. Plus this all the paper i have so i am pretty limited...which is a GOOD thing:)