Monday, November 30, 2009

monday daily:)

all supplies from
template from getitscrapped.
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

more poochy boy pages:)

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Daily Poochy Digi page.

i used too many things to keep count...still missing something though:)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Poochy Doggie and the older girl:)

papers: katie pertiet papers
a few shadows here and there.
i am getting in a groove.
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daily digital # i'm not sure:)

paper, photo cluster and tag by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals)
title by Karla Dudley
font: 2 peas weather fence.
worn overlay: LBS (my one and only....for now)

Going all digital and thoughts.

i never ever thought i would ever EVER go digital. in my head it was so....well, digital.
All i ever scrapped with was paper. Only 4x6 prints, not even editing my pictures more than the occasional touch up. i pretty much was scared of digi-scrapping. seriously!
and the economy went to the crapper.
suddenly, here i was, with all the trappings of a paper junkie. i had more stuff than i could ever use.
i started to condense, little by little.
purging the things that were out of date or not my style anymore.
i used up a LOT of stuff and stopped buying all together. cold turkey. that's the way to do it with serious addicts:)
at one point a few months ago our economic situation got REALLY bad. so bad that were were really worried about covering the necessities. the dh got laid off and it was BAD. adhesive was LOW on the priorities list. and 4x6 prints?...NOPE!
so i took the jump. and i made my first digital page.
i got it print at costco and i thought this is not so bad. it looks ok.
so i started learning. looking at tutorials, taking notes.
i found templates and free supplies and places were people were very helpful (designer digitals).
i hit my head against the computer more times than i can count to learn the very basics. and i mean very basics.
Somewhere along the line i found out that i LIKED the process. i dig learning something new.
so that is where i am now.
and it is fun. and educational. and awesome.
my pages may never be the works of art that i often see on the different websites (a graphic designer i will never be), but they will be fun and whimsical and with tons of pictures. just like my paper pages.

DailyChristmas digi 11/28

keeping up with my page a day or more:) WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!. i am actually on track. GO ME.

template: getitscrapped.
papers:katie pertiet (designerdigitals) and jennifer pebbles (2peas)
title: jennifer peebles (2 peas)
tags and ribbons: designer digtals
staples: shabby princess
font: 2peas weathered fonts.

Friday, November 27, 2009

daily digi:)

template: pencil-lines
fonts: elise and 2peas weathered fence

some of my new paper pages:)

not sure what is up with my scanner. the colors are SO OFF. but then again, i am charging my batteries, so i'll take pics tomorrow. i have a few more with the same papers, but they are nekkid baby pics of the girls. used up all this KI, plus i used up MOST of this sassafras lass stuff too. no more paper pages for a while....i ran out of adhesive:)

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

quick bullet points:)

Notes to myself because no-one else reads my blog:)

  • print out all my digi tutorials.  
  • start my shutterfly books.
  • finish watching the LONG list of video tutorials i have saved. still trying to find my digi style:)
  • get some paper projects done:)
  • do a few loads of laundry.
  • back up my hard drive.
  • catch up on blogs.
  • catch up on sleep:)
  • clear out my shopping basket at designer digitals. i have a few $ to spend.
  • remember to send package to my mom before she KILLS me.

Christmas digi-daily 11/26/09

on to my page a day:)
credits: sketch from getitscrapped
paper from 2peas (freebie)
tags from designerdigitals (freebie)
buttons/staples from shabby princess and michelle underwood (freebie)
worn underlay from LBS
title from 2peas (freebie)
feeling grateful for the craziness that is my family!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Daily #3:)

seriously, i need to invest on some worn page overlays and stitches:)
too many things used on the page to list.....but i appreciate ALL the freebies available on the web!
this is a page of chloe's performance at the christmas fair.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

christmas page #2:)

i am determined to keep up with the holidays this year:) digital makes everything so much faster.
digital template from getitscrapped
papers from 2peas
fonts 2peas weathered fences and favorite things.

and so the holiday season begins.....

this year i am grateful that i am still able to scrap:)
like so many others i have had to tighten my belt and stick to a budget. unfortunately new scrapbooking stuff is out of the question...even adhesives are hard to work in some weeks.
so i decided that it was as good time as any to bite the bullet and learn to use the PSE program on my computer.
there are so many freebies out there and i appreciate every single last one of them. i've barely scratched the surface but for now, it ROCKS!

i hope to be able to scrap the holidays as they come this year:)

ps. i DID scrap some paper layouts yesterday:) i'll take pics tomorrow!

template from snapscraps
paper and elements from 2peas, heidi larson, summer driggs and shabby princess.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Taking a little holiday break:)

will still be digi-scrapping.
and paper-scrapping.
but this holiday season is going to be CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

and the moma pictures continue:)

all elements from michelle underwood@2peas, template from jenn martakis @2peas font: helvetica

Friday, November 20, 2009

No Discipline:)

another template, michelle undrwood kit, pharmacy font.
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MOMA rocks:)

template from debbie, kit from michelle underwood@2peas, fonts: Elise and 2peas weather fence.
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Using up the KI Memories:)

I have had this paper on my desk for weeks. Lots of old stuff in the paper stash, but GOOD old stuff. the papers are a little wrinkly because i have een using wet adhesive, since i ran out of the other stuff. i can totally see me finishing up the stash someday (YIKES) and then just going all digital. Until then i will keep the paper scrap up so i can get my 8.5x11 fix. plus i think my mojo came back:))))))

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Favorite Things:)

I LOVE is the best thing about scrapping. now that i have gone digital, the choices are endless. and i am still using freebies! LOL.

elements: michelle underwood
fonts: 2 peas favorite things and something else?
template: andrea gold.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


There is nothing better than a good jolt of color to make you instantly happy...and man, did i need a jolt of something today.

template from, element and paper from michelle underwood.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I wil ALWAYS have enough buttons:)

....because i will never run out:) i found a freebie grunge-type overlay that i can use over my pages. so COOL!
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one more page today:)

last one for today:)
used another template from crystal wilkerson plus papers and elements from katie pertiet and summer driggs.
this is my newest nephew, Joshua:)

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digi Page A Day:)

as the preocess gets easier, i am getting more and more comfortable with the thought of going all digital:)
this page uses a template from
papers from summer driggs freebie kit
staples from shabby princess.
i think i am almost done with halloween pages:) WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!

Monday, November 16, 2009

more digi-halloween

another digi-halloween page. i used:
a template from pixieplates
paper and digi-elements summer driggs, kim gehrig and katie pertiet.
still really basic but i am loving these pages. they are very much me:)))))

it is getting better and better:)

i used a bunch of stuff for this page:) my diecut title is a little crooked so i will have to fix it.
template by karla hudley
papers and elelmts by summer driggs (Fangs for the memories)
overlay template by little dreamer
font 2peas somethig or another:)
this page is nothing like i would do in paper scrapping....too many little clusters, but it was already done for me:) LOVE IT!

Best Halloween ever:)

still on the digital kick:) i will be starting the digibooks with october pictures. this is the first page of the section for halloween:) used a crystal wilkerson template and Kim Gehrings My Little ghoul nini kit (freebie:) things are getting easier and easier!!!!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

more playing with templates

template from Crystal Wilkerson
digi freebie kit from Kim Gehring.
i am still figuring out all the ways to place elements. can't wait to learn how to grunge out my pages, but in the midwhile, this page is cute and colorful:)
i am loving all the freebie stuff out there!!!! total amount paid for my digi-page adventure: $ 14.98 for some tutorials from designer digitals!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Figuring out the templates......

this is the before:) i used a template from a Cassie tutorial @ designer digitals and it looked like this after adding the yummy color background cardstocks from the color challenge from nov. 8th.
the font is american typewriter.

it looked a little plain so i added a button and alphas from a freebie kit from shabby princess. i also changed the journaling.
the hardest part of digital is keeping track of all the credits:) LOL.
i am still learning so i am using the same pictures of the dog. do you think maybe i need some new ones? LOL.

Fast Bullet Point List:)

  • going to the basement today for some paper scrapping.
  • trying to finish some of the re-do pages:)
  • also trying to bridge the digi-traditional worlds.
  • it is a great day to NOT go outside:)
  • i have to take stock of the paper downstairs and figure out how to use the rest of the stuff in a cohesive fashion:)
  • the goal is to do digital pages from november on and paper scrap the rest.
  • it feels good to have a plan:) LOL
  • will be back later!!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Digi Halloween:)

learning a little more every single day:)
i used papers and digi-elements from designer digitals and summer ford.
fun TIMES!!!!!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

my first all ME page:)

it's not perfect, and it's a little wonky and it has a few typos, but  flattened the image before really looking at it, because i was afraid it would dissapear...but i am SO excited i actually did something by MYSELF without a quick page:)
it's only the start for me in the digi-world.
all stuff from Designer Digitals:)
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

quick pages RULE:)

i have been struggling with my scrapbooking for the last few days.
just wondering where it will go and how i will make it happen. On the upside i have been spending a LOT of time with the family:)
i took this picture on a little walk to the park we took with the poochy dog. two out of three kiddos were in a good mood:)
i saved this template and i can;t remember where from....YIKES!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the plan for the rest of the year and 2010:)

  • i will be going digital after i finish up the fall pictures i took last week.
  • finally facing the fact that i have WAYYYYYYYYY too many albums.
  • my brain is a lot foggier than it used to be.
  • 8x8 is a nice size:) i am downsizing all over the place
  • we are looking to buy a new house. not yet....but it is in the planning stages.
  • faced a lot of fears this year and looking forward to killing some more in 2010!~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

might as well:)

since there are SO many  quick pages out there on the 'net i figured i may as well use them up.
this one is by misty cato and the font is AL uncle charles.

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