Saturday, November 28, 2009

Going all digital and thoughts.

i never ever thought i would ever EVER go digital. in my head it was so....well, digital.
All i ever scrapped with was paper. Only 4x6 prints, not even editing my pictures more than the occasional touch up. i pretty much was scared of digi-scrapping. seriously!
and the economy went to the crapper.
suddenly, here i was, with all the trappings of a paper junkie. i had more stuff than i could ever use.
i started to condense, little by little.
purging the things that were out of date or not my style anymore.
i used up a LOT of stuff and stopped buying all together. cold turkey. that's the way to do it with serious addicts:)
at one point a few months ago our economic situation got REALLY bad. so bad that were were really worried about covering the necessities. the dh got laid off and it was BAD. adhesive was LOW on the priorities list. and 4x6 prints?...NOPE!
so i took the jump. and i made my first digital page.
i got it print at costco and i thought this is not so bad. it looks ok.
so i started learning. looking at tutorials, taking notes.
i found templates and free supplies and places were people were very helpful (designer digitals).
i hit my head against the computer more times than i can count to learn the very basics. and i mean very basics.
Somewhere along the line i found out that i LIKED the process. i dig learning something new.
so that is where i am now.
and it is fun. and educational. and awesome.
my pages may never be the works of art that i often see on the different websites (a graphic designer i will never be), but they will be fun and whimsical and with tons of pictures. just like my paper pages.

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