Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the paper scrap for today:)

more of the kit useitup. and the letter useitup...because it all has to get on pages one way or another:)
based on a june pagemap sketch.

happy times. and lots of sticker and pics on this one, just because i can:)

having fun with the stickers. and the KI:)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

paper scrapping the easy way.

this is the summer of useitup and catching up:)
i pulled out a bunch of ecuador pictures from 1995:) YIKES!
this is kind of a hybrid thing.

lots of ki stuff on this page. i can't even remember when i purchased it:)

using up those big letters!

a little hybrid action here. the journaling cards are from designhousedigitals

it's all about the dimension. i recycled old yucky chipboard to lift the photo squares up.
scroll down for more pictures.

and that is my lots of pictures spread:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

after my hard drive failed.

template by zine@thedailydigi
paper and elements

you know, you hear horror stories about external hard-drives failing and stuff blowing up...but you never think it can happen to you. until it happens to you.
somehow, someway, my photoshop elements 6 was corrupted and my ehd failed today.
luckily my photos are backed up on cd...but most of digital stash is GONE.
so what can you do?
i was tempted to throw the computer out the window and cry in my corner...but then i thought....hey! a brand new start:)
so i salvaged what i could...the daily digi files, stuff from designhousedigital and designerdigitals and i started to make a page. now i am working with pse8, no actions or anything...until i get put them back in.
all my pages from the next few days will be raw and minimal.
think it will be fun to see where it takes me!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

chloe's graduation.

template from
papers and chipboard from
title from suddenlyartistic

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

last layout for today:)

template by crystal livesay (freebie)
paper and elements from
i like this one:)
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playing with quickpages.

quickpage is from karen funk (one of my favorite designers). i cropped it and used it as an overlay. the stitches and cardstock is from designer digitals and the word art is from suddenly artistic.

things to do....

template by
elements from khendricks
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first hybrid page:) i wanted to see where doing a "hybrid" layout would take me.
i think i like the results!
first i finished my digital 8x8 page using a quickpage from jessicasprague's blog hop kit.
i sanded the edges after cutting it down . using a SU texture stamp, i dotted the kraft cardstock with SU bjaj breeze ink. it kinda looks like splatter ink?
i'm trying to use up some letter stickers, so i made a title with some random AC thickers and added a little felt ric-rak...and i finally got a new stapler:) YAY!
the digital page was lifted off the page with chipboard leftovers and that is my first hybrid page. more to come soon:)


from jessicasprague's blog hop:) i plan on printing this one out and writing in the journal strips:)
easy peasy and DONE! YAY!
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Monday, June 21, 2010


YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH....lots of quick page LOVE!
these are just awesome.

quick pages ROCK!!!

i could use these all day long.

quick page from jessica sprague's you are awesome blog hop kit.

ain't too proud...........

to use some AWESOME quickpages:)
this weekend was jessica sprague's third anniversary and to celebrate she organized a massive blog hop. quick pages GALORE!
i snagged them all and am planning to use them for my catch up pages.
more coming soon!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Storage.

i have had album/craft storage on my mind for the last few weeks.

just a quick runthrough so it can become more solid in my brain:)

i have a backlog of printed pictures. those are all in photoboxes waiting for me to scrap them with paper. the paper pages i complete will go into four 8.5x11 hiller three ring binders that are organized with stacy julians LOM system. eventually i will branch out into 8.5x11 digital pages...but not for now:) i REALLY want to use up at least 50% of my paper stash this year.

because i am LOVING digital right now, most of my recent pages are going into 8x8 shutterfly books. i am making a series of our 2010 year in the life with all the things we do, chronological of course. that just makes me HAPPY:) so many pages and memories into such little space. awesome.

the overflow of pictures that do not make it into my shutterfly books go into another LOM set, this time american crafts 8x8 cloth binders. i have them organized into a very specific plan and i am LOVING them. costco prints are the way to go with these and they are not in any chronological order. i LOVE it.

all of this stuff is contained into one cabinet. space is very important right now and we are having to constantly declutter to stay sane. my paper supplies are also organized in plastic shoeboxes in one side of our cabinets and hidden from view. it is crazy to think that i went from one complete room dedicated to my supplies to one corner in my living room.

right now i am running the gamut from digital pages to paper pages and back. it RULES!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

June Page Maps #1

doing a bit of paper scrapping. funny how streamlined my traditional pages have become.
the paper is very, very OLD imagination project...remember that stuff.
all of my paper supplies are at least a year and a half old, some much much more.
i used little bits and pieces to complete the page. because most of my stuff is random.

i really like the finished page. it is clean and minimal and i really think it is classic.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My big GIRLS!

my three girls. they are growing up:)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

paper scrapping.

my paper take on the simple scrapper template:)

i am seriously trying to use up the chipboard, so i udes a heart to add a little dimension to the page.

photo heavy page...i love this one. plus it used up REALLY old supplies:)

using up sticker's a GOOD thing:)

First Scrap the Summer Challenge:) i am going to to do some online online challenges and would LOVE it if you joined me:)
it might be cards, could be pages or projects!

so here is the first challenge: check out the super COOL freebie templates that simple scrapper is offering this summer. link is below!

awesome template/sketch idea

you can use the template as the base your digital layout or take the idea and use it as a sketch for your paper page. maybe you would like to try hybrid? you can do that TOO! cathy Z posted a great tutorial

cool tutorial by cathy z

here is my digital page:

template: simplescrapper template #2
paper and elements: carina gardner pretty posies (freebie for likibg her facebook page)
wordart: suddenly artistic (freebiefrom blog)
notebook paper: designerdigitals

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

june daily digital challenge.

page is my own design:)...LOOK MA, NO TEMPLATE:)))
supplies from the daily digi as follows:

AnnaBVDesigns – abv_suar_doodleframe2
Elise’s Pieces – ehansen_ParadisePunch_Paper4
Jenn Barrette Designs – jbarrette_feetinthesand_p13
Kristin Aagard – KAagard_NightOwl__Paper3
Karah Fredricks – kfredricks_thumb_blue_button
KsharonK Designs – kskd_butterflybreeze_alpha

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my big girls:)

i am in catch up mode today in SOOOOOOO many ways:)
in between the laundry and the cleaning and fixing up i am getting some pages done:)
template: paislee press no.27 (freebie) and just a little modified.
paper and elements from karen funk's blog (freebie)
just the last few pics from may.

YAY...more pages:)

template: paislee press no.15
paper and elements: deena rutter heirloom freebie kit @ persnickety prints.
i left the template as is and LOVE the results. YAY!

Monday, June 14, 2010

getting it done:)

i dig scrapping. it's just the endless figuring out where to put what that kills me.
digital scrapbooking to the rescue!
these days the most a 2 page spread takes me is about an hour. forget about taking stuff out and getting prepared for paper scrapping. it is all contained on my ehd:) seriously it makes me REALLY happy

2 page template by mandagirl and modified.
all elements from this week's freebie @ kscraps (karen funk) LOVE her freebies:)


some 5x7 prints i made to see how my new camera was doing:)
thinking of a way to display them....any ideas?
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Saturday, June 12, 2010


ok. this has to be one of my favorite approaches to scrapbooking EVER!
liz tamanaha's AMAZING process
this is the best idea EVER!

she is beautiful:)

this is my girl. sometimes i cannot believe that i gave birth to her.
she is beautiful and smart and witty and a genius and she just gets it!
she is growing up, but in so many ways is still a child.
i love her beyond measure.
congrats on graduating 8th grade, babes!

Friday, June 11, 2010

birthday girl.

template from pattieknox@designerdigitals
papers from meredith fenwick@designhousedigitals
chipboard piece from mcoleman@littledreamer
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the best laid plans:)

this summer is going to be a GOOD one:)
we have trips planned, time off and a super-duper uncluttered (for the most part) house:)
i am still working on embracing my inner minimalist though. one part of me wants to keep things, but the better, more rational part of me KNOWS that in order to be happy, i need space!
i am going to try and use up most of my paper supplies to get some old pictures done...but i will be going all digital once that is done. sooooooooo...
i have been doing a little research:)
just read and enjoy:) life is good.

two page spread:)

Easing myself back into scrapping. the next couple of weeks will be killer here as we wrap up the last 2 weeks of school.
everyone will be at new places and i am going to try and take advantage of this last summer without someone in HIGH SCHOOL:) yikes!

SURPRISE! no templates on this one:) and a 2 pager even:)
i love the papers that anna aspnes created for the challenge forum at designer digitals.
can you believe they are free? neither can i:)
i also discovered a WONDERFUL new (to me) designer @ suddenly artistic. she make the most BEAUTIFUL word art and posts it for FREE? could you believe? it is mindboggling how much neat stuff is out the on the net for free and i am so grateful for it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

june scrapfriendly card challenge.

Every month the owners of the yahoo group scrapfriendly send the member an envie for us to use.
this is what i came up with.
all i added was the ribbons, photo corners and tab.
i ADORE challenges. they are the best to get you out of the box.
thinking of doing some paper scrapping when i finishing recuperating from this week:)