Wednesday, June 16, 2010

june daily digital challenge.

page is my own design:)...LOOK MA, NO TEMPLATE:)))
supplies from the daily digi as follows:

AnnaBVDesigns – abv_suar_doodleframe2
Elise’s Pieces – ehansen_ParadisePunch_Paper4
Jenn Barrette Designs – jbarrette_feetinthesand_p13
Kristin Aagard – KAagard_NightOwl__Paper3
Karah Fredricks – kfredricks_thumb_blue_button
KsharonK Designs – kskd_butterflybreeze_alpha


Julia Spencer said...

Awww! So cute!

Katie said...

Great job! LOVE your comment "look Ma, no template!" lol! :)

Leigh said...

great job - and what a doll!