Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Storage.

i have had album/craft storage on my mind for the last few weeks.

just a quick runthrough so it can become more solid in my brain:)

i have a backlog of printed pictures. those are all in photoboxes waiting for me to scrap them with paper. the paper pages i complete will go into four 8.5x11 hiller three ring binders that are organized with stacy julians LOM system. eventually i will branch out into 8.5x11 digital pages...but not for now:) i REALLY want to use up at least 50% of my paper stash this year.

because i am LOVING digital right now, most of my recent pages are going into 8x8 shutterfly books. i am making a series of our 2010 year in the life with all the things we do, chronological of course. that just makes me HAPPY:) so many pages and memories into such little space. awesome.

the overflow of pictures that do not make it into my shutterfly books go into another LOM set, this time american crafts 8x8 cloth binders. i have them organized into a very specific plan and i am LOVING them. costco prints are the way to go with these and they are not in any chronological order. i LOVE it.

all of this stuff is contained into one cabinet. space is very important right now and we are having to constantly declutter to stay sane. my paper supplies are also organized in plastic shoeboxes in one side of our cabinets and hidden from view. it is crazy to think that i went from one complete room dedicated to my supplies to one corner in my living room.

right now i am running the gamut from digital pages to paper pages and back. it RULES!

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