Thursday, July 31, 2008

On my table:)

how funny is this? i have an empty heineken keg thingie from the last BBQ, a new box of pancake mix, Zoe's pack of white paper, a can of spagetthiO's, the ipod headphones WITHOUT the ipod and the money jar.

ahhhhhhhhhh the randomness.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

dude. what a few days:)

something happened to the hard drive in the mac and they had to replace it. so i lost EVERYTHING. My i-tunes. my files. everything....sighhhhhh.

but i have paper. so it's all good! this is the pile from the last few days. using up a lot of old stuff. makes me HAPPY!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what to tackle first?

it is the summer of the dying appliances.

need i say more?

mojo has left and all i am left with is a pile of dirty laundry. BLEH!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home Coaster book:)

i have been doing these little coaster books using leftover materials. They are SOOOOOO much fun to do. of course they are all empty, waiting for pictures.

I {heart} Elsie part two:)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH:) i am a little bit closer to getting the stash scrapped:)
i just LOVE the way these turned out:)

i {heart} Elsie:)

i had a little bit of this OLD love elsie stuff, so i decided to get it used up.
The Confession page CRACKS me up:) my poor kids were MORTIFIED that i was doing that....but i just wanted to have a little fun! 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

a pile:)

Two days worth of pages and things.
a little pile of happy for sure:)

New pages with old stuff:)

another bunch of pages with use it up stuff:)
Usually when i look at my pages like this they all seem the same, but then i just think it is my style.
That's Ok.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lotta Pages:)

i think this paper is from pink martini? can't remember. it's all done though:)

Stampin'Up Cards:)

a few SU cards to counteract the CTMH from before:) LOL
i used pumpkin pie, soft sky, certain celery and very vanilla cardstock and a few different stamps sets.
I have some more stuff to back later.

Pink Halloweens and Using the" Tools"

a long time ago in a land far far away, i used to sell Close to My Heart. I have since done many many other things with my scrapping time, including signing up with Stampin Up.

But i still am in use it up mode, mainly because i have so much stash and i am pretty much working with a zero $$$ budget this summer.

soooooooooo....this is one of my use it up creations. i had this CTMH kit forever and i decided to get it used up.  I even used my cricut and am proud to say that i am using the heck out it:) 
all the supplies are from the kit, plus the cricut all mixed up cartridge.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is my Stampin Up Case. maybe the case ITSELF isnt SU, but all my ONLY SU tools are in there.
except the stamps.
which i have exactly 6 of.
and of course my cardstock.
There are of course 5 MILLION things i would love to get from the catalog....but i have to remind myself that i am on a budget (right now it is at ZERO).
i remind myself every. single. day.
My days is coming though....
i am highly overdue for the LOTTO prize. for sure.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spanish Memories:) Christmas Pages

You saw the cards...and these are the pages. 
Christmas in July, right?
Christmas pages are always a challenge, since most of the pictures, just different years.  In the last months i have been concentrating on getting my "events" pages scrapped, so i can have a more rounded out structure to my albums...instead of a string of pages about "moments" and pretty face shots. i have a LOT of those! 

Spanish Memories:) Christmas Cards i am from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and though i have lived here and there most of my life, my mind thinks in spanish. It's funny because sometimes i have to stop and translate whatever i am thinking into english...and i also tend to forget that not everyone who is of hispanic descent actually speaks spanish. i went off the subject...i do that a LOT!
These papers are from a WONDERFUL company called Spanish Memories. You can find them at
i DIG that this company caters to the MILLIONS of hispanic crafters that have GAZILLIONS in disposable income:) The papers and stickers are versatile enough that even english speaking customers can use them! Everything is so well coordinated, from papers to stickers, chipboard, rubon's and even STAMPS! yup...they rock.
SOOOOOO... you will be seeing a bunch of pages from this company on my blog. Hope you like them:)
ps. i am not on the DT....just in case you were wondering! i am now scrapping for me only. and that means no DT stress:)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Yesterday's Scrap:)

Used the rest of the Wild Asparagus supplies on this page and two cards. Same supplies as before plus:
a MM label
MM tag and Michael's $1.00 stamp for the cards.
This stuff is DUN... DONE!

Scrap Trash Can Tutorial:)

i am addicted to Costco's anti-bacterial wipes and use them constantly. I am trying to recycle as much as i can so i made this scrap container. I love to save every little scrap of paper to use when i sit so this container holds everything nicely so i can use it all up in cards or other objects:)
It is totally easy.
All you need is the container: i am so lazy i didn't bother to take the label off, since i was covering it up anyways:), a sheet of 12x12 paper cut in half, adhesive (i used double sticktape) and some decorative ribbon to cover the top and bottom.
Apply strips of double stick tape all around the container. i think i used about 5 lengths.
Apply your paper, making sure that what will be the front is nice and smooth. You will need to add a patch in the back because the one 6x12 piece of paper won't go around the whole way. Adjust the paper seams as needed to make it look nice.
Cover the top and bottom seams with a nice wide ribbon and add a little decoration with whatever you have lying around. I added some paper frills to the tops where the screw top went to make it pretty and some letter stickers.
ALL DONE! Easy and one less plastic container in the dumps!

Other Storage:)

Picture #1: i put all my scissors, trimmer and other cutting tools in the AMM tote and writing stuff in the mini. i contain a lot of stuff in plastic or decorative tine to minimize clutter. 

Picture #2: The small bookcase has all my alpha stuff and misc. stamps. plus a few embellishments in containers. I have metals in one, epoxy and buttons in others.

Picture #3: All my odd embellishments are by color in this drawer unit that i have had forever. The Pink case has all my SU stuff in it, so it is portable, don't have much of it YET!

Picture #4: My box corner: all my pictures are in the top cases, just in case i ever have another flood. the red box has all my misc. chipboard in it. the top 2 small boxes are my misc. alphas in plastic bags. The paper shelves are for finished pages...but i just cleaned it out the other day.

Picture #5:  My ink Box:) found it at TJ max for 15.00 wish i had gotten another one!

ad that's IT! Hope you like my go around:)

inside the expedit bookcase:)

Picture #1: i stored all my collections of KI paper and Spanish Memories in page planners from Smeade. I also have plastic cropper hopper files that store my stickers by categories. i have things like nature, words, quotes, rubon's etc.. Makes it very easy to find what i am looking for.

Picture #2: There are 2 of those boxes full of CS. One 8.5x11 and one 12x12. They are arranged by color and type of paper: bazzill, prism, ctmh, and DCWV.  i have a separate file box for SU paper under my desk since i only buy the 8.5x11. That is arranged in file folder by color family. You can also see on block of idea books. i have 2 of those:)

Picture #3: Mini-book storage. it is full now so i need to condense a little more:)

Picture #4: Cutting stuff and punches. Not much there  because i have pared down on the tools. i need to condense those two into one:)

Picture #5: Designer paper. i arranged my shelves by company and also by type for what was left over. EASY PEASY to find stuff. There's not TONS of paper left because i have scrapped a LOT of it in the last months.

and that is my storage bookcase!