Friday, July 18, 2008

Other Storage:)

Picture #1: i put all my scissors, trimmer and other cutting tools in the AMM tote and writing stuff in the mini. i contain a lot of stuff in plastic or decorative tine to minimize clutter. 

Picture #2: The small bookcase has all my alpha stuff and misc. stamps. plus a few embellishments in containers. I have metals in one, epoxy and buttons in others.

Picture #3: All my odd embellishments are by color in this drawer unit that i have had forever. The Pink case has all my SU stuff in it, so it is portable, don't have much of it YET!

Picture #4: My box corner: all my pictures are in the top cases, just in case i ever have another flood. the red box has all my misc. chipboard in it. the top 2 small boxes are my misc. alphas in plastic bags. The paper shelves are for finished pages...but i just cleaned it out the other day.

Picture #5:  My ink Box:) found it at TJ max for 15.00 wish i had gotten another one!

ad that's IT! Hope you like my go around:)

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