Friday, July 18, 2008

Scrap Trash Can Tutorial:)

i am addicted to Costco's anti-bacterial wipes and use them constantly. I am trying to recycle as much as i can so i made this scrap container. I love to save every little scrap of paper to use when i sit so this container holds everything nicely so i can use it all up in cards or other objects:)
It is totally easy.
All you need is the container: i am so lazy i didn't bother to take the label off, since i was covering it up anyways:), a sheet of 12x12 paper cut in half, adhesive (i used double sticktape) and some decorative ribbon to cover the top and bottom.
Apply strips of double stick tape all around the container. i think i used about 5 lengths.
Apply your paper, making sure that what will be the front is nice and smooth. You will need to add a patch in the back because the one 6x12 piece of paper won't go around the whole way. Adjust the paper seams as needed to make it look nice.
Cover the top and bottom seams with a nice wide ribbon and add a little decoration with whatever you have lying around. I added some paper frills to the tops where the screw top went to make it pretty and some letter stickers.
ALL DONE! Easy and one less plastic container in the dumps!

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grandmabonnie said...

This is my absolute FAVorITE!