Tuesday, January 31, 2012

for today:

i made this page as a 6x6 for my project life binder.
isn't he the most precious baby boy shih-tzu ever?
even when he's all scraggly....really need to get him groomed again.

  1. two loads of laundry one in the dryer and one in the basket folded:)
  2. start doing design your life class
  3. try out lightroom beta and see if it works for my digital flow.
  4. stop watching tv and read some more:)  does catching up on my reeder count?
  5. clean up living room and kitchen. needs decluttering. cleaned and swiffered the kitchen, washed dishes and decluttered.
  6. off the computer until i have time to devote to getting something done.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Backing up into a no*buy period.

i will admit it: i have been on a bit of an acquiring binge.
in the last week i have purchased or downloaded more than i have in three months.
yup. no GOOD:(
plus i have not been taking many pictures, so i am stuck.
so feb and march are going to be NO BUY months.
and when i say no buy i mean NO BUY.
no prints, no paper supplies. NOTHING.
i have done it before, i can do it again:)

additions to project life:)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

on my kindle right now:

The Scar: China Mieville
Horns: Joe Hill
Island Beneath the Sea: Isabel Allende
20th Century Ghosts: Joe Hill
Good Omens: Neil Gaiman
The Great and Secret Show: Clive Barker
Last of the Chosen: Lawrence White
MIdnight Movie: A Novel: Tobe Hooper

*finished: After Dark Haruki Murakami
                 The Handmaids Tale: Margaret Atwood
*reading: The Great and Secret Show: Clive Barker* put off reading*
                Horns: Joe Hill

Friday, January 27, 2012

oh, the blog blockage:)

ok. so here's the story.
right now i am current on my new pictures.
what does that mean? well, it means that i have no new pictures that i can scrapbook digitally without being redundant. we cannot afford redundancy in the macias household:)
this year i am going to do 100 page shutterfly books instead of single pages simply because i have run out of room, AGAIN.
i am also doing project life for sure this year and a trying a new system this year. so far it is working.
anything that does not make it onto a shutterfly book page goes into my project life. the only way i was able to make this work was by shrinking the pages into 6x6 squares and fitting them into becky higgins four square page protectors.
the other thing i am doing is cutting down old printed pictures to fit into baseball card page protectors and using project life to record random memories.
these days i am remembering more and more crazy, random things so i want to make sure i write them down.

a little memory of my lifetime:)
it feels good. YAY:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

scrapping for today:)

we had a VERY VERY VERY bad day yesterday, so i am taking today to settle back into my routine.
first: a finished page on my project life.
little pieces of life are the best:)

6x6 four way page done:)

a 4x6 template with a great picture of my single favorite musician ever:)

and chloe's hair came all OFF:( she looks super cute and makes me JEALOUS!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

project life progress:)

little card photos:)

full sized pages scaled to 6x6 to fit the four way page protector
that is the extent of my holiday pages. 

in progress....NICE:)

for project lifer's:)

i am embracing project life 1,000% this year.
everything that i scrapbook that is current will be in my project life binders.
it is cool to look back and see what i have already done and i am excited to see what develops:)
the following little template is a vertical layered 4x6 that you can use in PS and PSE.
after you finish it you can print and include in YOUR project life:) YAY!

download file here:

and this is my completed little page. cool right? i have seen these templates all over the internet and thought it would be cool to make my own.
title brush and tag from karla dudley's cypris kit.

Friday, January 20, 2012

project life...i dig YOU:)

this si where i am doing the PL stuff....

keeping up with january as it happens is AWESOME!~

zoe;s art and a poochy page

i am liking these 6x6 opening page protectors:) all i am doing is shrinking my pages and putting them in. and i am current yet again:)

a fun PAGE:)

for the scrapping spot.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

i ADORE karla dudley desings.

oh yes i do:)

pages, pages, pages:)

my mantra for this year is LESS:)
hoping to make less pages that are MORE meaningful.

a 4x6 picture of my grand-nephew for my project life.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The post without a picture.

These days have been REALLY hard on our family. Going to drs for Zoe and trying to get her situation under control has been heavy on us all. I pray every night that the next day will be easier and that it goes by quickly. We have finally secured a psychiatrist for an evaluation on the 30th. Will she have the same disorders that I do? Will she have to be medicated forever? Having aspergers syndrome is one thing, and believe me it has taken years for us to make peace with the diagnosis. Just writing my feelings down makes me want to cry and scream out and yell to the heavens why her? Why my child? How do I answer when she asks me is she will be miserable forever? How do I carry oN a conversation when she just goes off on her OCD behaviors? I wonder what the future holds and I have to cover myself with steel, just to make it through the days. I love her, so much so that I worry about my other children. Will they hold these days against me? I try so hard to divide myself into parts for everyone and I don't always succeed. I feel the disappointment when I spread myself too thin and them i start the cycle all over again. I never had a mom in the classic sense, and I have no blueprint for what is right and what is wrong. I hope with all my heart that I am doing right, even though I am doing things in the dark most of the time. And that is it. The deepest fear in my heart. It feels good to write it down.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

project life-ing:)

this year i am simplifying a little bit more in my documenting.
all of my 8x8 album space is almost filled up and i am feeling a need to minimize this year.
enter project life.

i used marcy penner's planning templates to get my pictures printed.
soooooo much easier.

i am also planning to do a 6x6 page collage to cut down on my printing. all my pages will be going into  12 x12 albums (just because i have space already dedicated to these).
these are my pictures all cut up and ready to go.

journaling card:)

 and an overview of the finished layout. i am not doing a 365 type album, but i am taking pictures during the month and recording the things we do.
i think it is working:)

the light @ the end of the tunnel.

finally, the dreaded cold has broken:)
this one was REALLY bad.
i am rising out of my funk and getting some stuff done.
template by sahlinstudio (freebie)
kit by DDE via thedailydigi

Monday, January 9, 2012

in limbo.

right now i am in limbo.
i have spent a week and a half with the dreaded flu and am just now emerging from the haze.
the christmas and holiday pictures are done and i am looking for the next challenge.

Friday, January 6, 2012

my little corner of the world:)

i finally managed to get my stash down to a little tiny corner in my kitchen.

pieces of my project life

my project life this year is going to be about just that: LIFE!
after the christmas day layout i had a pile of my own school pictures i wanted to scrap.
and i thought....what better way to make sure they are included that purring them into my project life album?
and that is just what i did....and i LOVE it.
i am using the clementine core kit and a box of variety page protectors.
project life is TOTALLY what you want it to be:)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

working project life:)

i printed out the pictures.

christmas eve

a little close-up.

christmas day. we didn't take many pictures because we wanted to be in the moment with the girls:)

my corner chomper is the bestest thing ever:)

a little experiment with printing a 12x12 page @ 4x4 to include inside the actual layout.
and just like that my christmas is DONE:)
this year i am trying to make things a little more simple.
making 10 million pages a month is just not cutting it.
let's see how it works out:)