Friday, January 27, 2012

oh, the blog blockage:)

ok. so here's the story.
right now i am current on my new pictures.
what does that mean? well, it means that i have no new pictures that i can scrapbook digitally without being redundant. we cannot afford redundancy in the macias household:)
this year i am going to do 100 page shutterfly books instead of single pages simply because i have run out of room, AGAIN.
i am also doing project life for sure this year and a trying a new system this year. so far it is working.
anything that does not make it onto a shutterfly book page goes into my project life. the only way i was able to make this work was by shrinking the pages into 6x6 squares and fitting them into becky higgins four square page protectors.
the other thing i am doing is cutting down old printed pictures to fit into baseball card page protectors and using project life to record random memories.
these days i am remembering more and more crazy, random things so i want to make sure i write them down.

a little memory of my lifetime:)
it feels good. YAY:)

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